X Privacy Policy Update: Use of Public Data for AI Training Confirmed

X, a well-known social media platform, has made changes to its privacy policy that disclose the collection of users’ biometric data, job history, and education background. However, another significant change related to artificial intelligence (AI) training has been noted by Alex Ivanovs of Stackdiary.

In Section 2.1 of X’s privacy policy, under the topic “Operate, improve, and personalize our services,” it is stated that X may utilize the information collected from users, as well as publicly available information, to assist in training their machine learning and AI models for the specific purposes outlined in the policy.

Elon Musk, the owner of X, has confirmed this use of public data for AI training. He clarified that it would only involve public data and not any private messages or confidential information. Musk’s intention to employ public tweets for AI model training was previously announced with the establishment of xAI, an AI company.

Recent reports have also emerged regarding Musk’s plan to incorporate news headlines into X posts and encourage journalists to publish news directly on the platform. These actions may be connected to a strategy to enhance the availability of data on X, thereby improving the quality of the AI being developed.

It is important to note that while X is collecting user data and making use of publicly available information for AI training, the privacy policy explicitly excludes any private content or direct messages from this process. Users’ privacy and the protection of personal information remain paramount.

With this privacy policy update, X has solidified its commitment to leveraging public data in training its AI models. The platform’s emphasis on transparency and selective use of user information ensures that privacy concerns are addressed and respected.

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