What is WatsonX, IBM’s Next-Generation AI and Data Platform?

IBM has introduced its next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) and data platform called WatsonX. This platform was showcased at the Think 2023 event in Mumbai. WatsonX is designed to assist businesses in scaling and accelerating the impact of AI by leveraging trusted data across their operations.

WatsonX aims to ease the current burdens faced by enterprises in deploying AI and enable them to do so more easily and at scale. By utilizing data from any source, WatsonX empowers enterprises to unlock new levels of productivity, performance, and speed. It offers substantial business value to clients.

The WatsonX platform consists of three integral components.

The first component is watsonx.ai, which provides businesses with state-of-the-art, proprietary foundation models. It acts as a next-generation enterprise platform for AI builders to train, validate, tune, and deploy traditional machine learning as well as new generative AI capabilities. The watsonx.ai library also includes open-source models from Hugging Face, aligning with IBM’s open ecosystem approach.

The second component is watsonx.data, which is a fit-for-purpose data store optimized for governed data and AI workloads. This purpose-built data store allows enterprises to scale AI workloads by harnessing their entire data landscape. It offers querying, governance, and open data formats for easy access and data sharing.

The third and final component is watsonx.governance, an end-to-end toolkit that encompasses both data and AI governance. This toolkit helps clients create responsible, transparent, and explainable AI workflows. It provides AI governance capabilities, such as model management throughout the AI lifecycle.

With WatsonX, IBM aims to enable enterprises to leverage the full potential of AI in their operations. This platform provides a comprehensive solution for training, deploying, and governing AI models. By offering a user-friendly interface and support for both traditional and generative AI capabilities, WatsonX empowers businesses to drive innovation and success with AI.

In conclusion, WatsonX is IBM’s next-generation AI and data platform designed to facilitate the deployment of enterprise-ready and trustworthy AI at scale. It provides AI builders with the necessary tools, data storage capabilities, and governance features to unleash the full potential of AI in business operations.

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