WEKA and Stability AI Revolutionize Cloud-Based AI Model Training

WekaIO (WEKA), a leading data platform provider for performance-intensive workloads, has partnered with Stability AI, a prominent open-source generative AI company, to introduce an innovative solution that will transform the training of multiple AI models in the cloud, delivering enhanced performance, cost savings, and sustainability benefits.

In the field of artificial intelligence (AI), energy and computing resources are crucial for processes such as model training and inference. However, the investment required to obtain and deploy these resources on-premises can be daunting for many companies, particularly those at the forefront of generative AI solutions. Additionally, the cost of training and deploying AI models in the cloud often proves to be prohibitively expensive.

Recognizing this challenge, WEKA has developed a groundbreaking solution to significantly improve the efficiency of cloud-first generative AI customers. The WEKA Data Platform’s Converged Mode solution, available for users running workloads in the cloud, is the first scale-out storage on deep learning capable instances. By utilizing ephemeral local storage and memory in cloud AI instances, this solution enables exponential cost savings and performance enhancements for large-scale generative AI resources, surpassing the capabilities of traditional data architectures.

Stability AI, known for its commitment to maximizing cloud resources’ efficiency, has actively collaborated with WEKA in the development of a “converged cloud” approach. Through a successful trial, Stability AI has validated the efficacy of the WEKA data platform and its converged architecture, which provides a high-performing set of resources to support application and data platform needs simultaneously. This approach optimizes the training of Stability AI’s models and enhances utility for its research teams.

By leveraging WEKA’s data platform, Stability AI aims to extend performance gains and significant cost-savings to its customers while minimizing carbon emissions and energy consumption. As Stability AI’s deployment matures and expands, the company plans to incorporate the WEKA solution into its forthcoming sustainability initiatives.

The public preview for WEKA’s Converged Mode for Cloud solution will be launched this year, initially available on AWS, with support for other cloud providers to follow. Interested customers can reach out to their WEKA sales representatives to join the waitlist.


1. What is the WEKA Data Platform Converged Mode for Cloud solution?

The WEKA Data Platform Converged Mode for Cloud solution is a groundbreaking storage solution that enables the training of multiple AI models in the cloud. It utilizes ephemeral local storage and memory in cloud AI instances, resulting in significant cost savings and performance improvements compared to traditional data architectures.

2. Why is cloud-based AI model training important?

Cloud-based AI model training offers several advantages, including access to scalable computing resources, cost savings, and flexibility. With the increasing complexity and size of AI models, leveraging the cloud enables organizations to handle large-scale training workloads efficiently.

3. What are the benefits of the WEKA and Stability AI partnership?

The partnership between WEKA and Stability AI brings forth a converged cloud approach that optimizes resources for AI model training. Stability AI can achieve more efficient utilization of cloud resources and maximize the performance of its generative AI models, all while reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.

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