New Article: Discover the Untapped Potential of Opera Limited in the AI Market

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various sectors since ChatGPT’s exponential rise in popularity this year. While OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, remains inaccessible for investment due to its private nature, there is an overlooked and highly profitable company that provides a “backdoor” into the AI trend.

In an exciting departure from traditional investment strategies, I recommended the stock of this company, Opera Limited (OPRA), to my 10X Profits subscribers in the first quarter. With just a single click, you can purchase its stock, and today I’ll provide you with the ticker symbol and all the pertinent details.

Contrary to my previous emphasis on investing in “boring” businesses like Sterling Infrastructure (STRL), renowned for constructing warehouses and data centers for e-commerce and cloud-computing giants, Opera Limited offers a unique investment opportunity in the AI market.

The key to successful investment lies in uncovering little-known or overlooked opportunities. Opera Limited represents one such opportunity. With gains of over 100% in just a few months, it has consistently outperformed market expectations.

Opera Limited initially gained recognition as a web browser with a relatively modest market share of just over 1% in the United States. However, the company has expanded its focus beyond the conventional monetization avenues, such as advertising and revenue sharing agreements with search engines, by embracing emerging tech trends like blockchain and AI.

One of Opera’s recent endeavors is the release of its Opera Crypto Browser, a blockchain-focused browser that provides users with tools to engage with the blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, Opera has integrated Aria, its browser-based AI, which leverages up-to-date information to assist users with an extensive range of research and collaboration tasks.

Furthermore, Opera’s partnership with OpenAI has played a significant role in its AI integration. This collaboration allows Opera to access OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI models and receive personalized support from their research team. By investing in Opera Limited, you are effectively investing in OpenAI itself.

In terms of market positioning, Opera competes with prominent web browser companies like Google and Meta, despite its significantly smaller market capitalization. This unique attribute presents an excellent opportunity for growth, as smaller tech companies often have a higher potential for substantial returns compared to their larger counterparts.

The combination of OPRA’s winning fundamentals and its recent stock price pullback makes it an attractive investment option. Currently gaining a remarkable “Strong Bullish” rating of 84 on the Green Zone Power Ratings system, OPRA has historically outperformed the market by 3X over a 12-month period.

Discover the untapped potential of Opera Limited and maximize your investment prospects in the burgeoning AI market. With its novel approach and partnerships with industry leaders like OpenAI, Opera is well-positioned to shape the future of web browsing and attract both advanced and everyday users.


Q: Can I invest directly in OpenAI?
A: Unfortunately, OpenAI is a private company, making it inaccessible for direct investment. However, through its partnership with Opera Limited, you have the opportunity to indirectly invest in OpenAI’s groundbreaking AI technology.

Q: Does Opera Limited solely rely on web browsing for its revenue?
A: While Opera initially gained recognition as a web browser, the company has diversified its revenue streams. It monetizes the browser through advertising and revenue sharing agreements, and its integration of blockchain and AI technologies opens up new avenues for growth and profit.

Q: What are the advantages of investing in smaller tech companies like Opera Limited?
A: Smaller tech companies often possess a greater potential for significant returns compared to larger counterparts. Opera, despite operating in the same digital space as industry giants, has a substantially smaller market capitalization, making it an attractive investment option with a higher chance of multiplying your investment.

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