Xiaomi Unveils AI-Powered CyberDog 2 with Impressive Capabilities

Xiaomi, the Chinese conglomerate, has officially unveiled the next iteration of its robot dog companion, the CyberDog 2. This new version features improved aesthetics, resembling a Doberman with two small ears, unlike its predecessor that resembled Boston Dynamic’s Spot.

The CyberDog 2 weighs approximately 8.9 kilograms (19.6 pounds) and stands at 36.7 centimeters (14.4 inches) tall. Despite its size, the robot dog has the ability to rest on a block of tofu without crushing it. This is made possible by the combination of ultrasonic lidar, fisheye, and force sensors integrated into the CyberDog 2.

Under the hood, the CyberDog 2 is powered by a multi-brain system. Its main brain is an NX processor, supported by two other brains running dual co-processors. The latest iteration is equipped with various cameras, including a 13-megapixel interactive artificial intelligence (AI) camera and two 146-degree field of view fisheye cameras.

In terms of capabilities, the CyberDog 2 can run at speeds of up to five feet per second and maintain dynamic balance, allowing it to roll over and get up after being knocked down. Xiaomi has also equipped the robot dog with a self-learning AI that was trained on 30,000 generated robot dog models.

With all these new features, the CyberDog 2 comes with a price tag slightly higher than its predecessor at 12,999 yuan (approximately $1,770). The first iteration of the CyberDog was released in August 2021 and was priced at $1,500.

Xiaomi’s CyberDog 2 showcases impressive advancements in the field of robotics and AI. Its ability to perform flawless skateboard backflips and its sleek design make it a standout companion for tech enthusiasts.

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