Irish Workers Underestimate the Impact of AI on Their Jobs, PwC Poll Reveals

Irish workers are facing increasing pressure as they underestimate the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on their jobs, according to a survey conducted by professional services firm PwC. The survey, titled “2023 Hopes and Fears Workforce Survey,” collected responses from 1,000 Irish workers as part of a larger global survey involving almost 54,000 workers across 46 countries.

The findings revealed that nearly one-third (29%) of Irish workers do not believe that AI will have any influence on their professions within the next five years. This indicates a significant underestimation of the transformative potential of AI technology. Although a small percentage (22%) acknowledged that AI can improve productivity, a worrying 10% expressed concerns that their roles would be completely replaced by AI in the next five years.

Furthermore, the survey highlights the overall dissatisfaction and uncertainty among Irish workers. Approximately one-fifth of the respondents admitted to actively searching for alternative employment opportunities. Simultaneously, an equal percentage of workers believed that their current employers would be out of business within the next decade if they continue operating as they are now. While Irish workers appear to have slightly more confidence in their employers compared to the global average, they still face financial difficulties and burnout.

Laoise Mullane, Director of PwC Ireland Workforce, emphasized the need for organizations to address employee burnout and prioritize total wellness. Companies should also consider transforming their reward systems to enhance employee well-being. This becomes particularly crucial in the context of learning and development, as stressed and overworked employees are less likely to be receptive to new skills required for future job demands.

In conclusion, the survey results underscore the need for Irish workers to recognize the potential impact of AI on their careers. Employers play a crucial role in addressing employee concerns, providing necessary resources and opportunities for upskilling. It is essential for workers to embrace technological advancements and cultivate the skills needed to thrive in the evolving job market.


1. What does the survey reveal about Irish workers’ perception of AI?
The survey found that almost one-third of Irish workers do not believe that AI will impact their jobs within the next five years, indicating an underestimation of the technology’s influence.

2. Are Irish workers actively seeking new job opportunities?
Yes, approximately one-fifth of the surveyed workers admitted to actively searching for alternative employment.

3. What concerns were raised regarding AI in the survey?
Some workers expressed concerns that their roles would be replaced by AI technology within the next five years.

4. How do Irish workers feel about their financial rewards?
Only 36% of Irish workers feel fairly financially rewarded for their work, compared to 42% globally.

5. What is the significance of addressing burnout in the workplace?
Laoise Mullane, Director of PwC Ireland Workforce, highlights burnout as a concern, emphasizing the importance of supporting employees and enhancing their total wellness.

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