A Revolutionary Tool to Safeguard Artists’ Work from Artificial Intelligence

In the age of rapid technological advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way into the world of digital art. However, this has raised concerns among many artists who feel that their work is being undervalued and exploited by AI algorithms for training purposes. To address this issue, a team of scientists from the University of Chicago has developed a groundbreaking tool called Glazeable, which aims to protect artists’ creations by preventing their unauthorized use in training AI systems.

Glazeable utilizes machine learning algorithms to calculate minimal alterations to the original artwork. These alterations are imperceptible to the human eye, but to AI systems, they transform the artwork into an entirely different piece. Essentially, Glazeable adds an undetectable second layer to the digital images, ensuring that they remain visually unchanged for human observers while being unrecognizable to AI algorithms.

The significance of Glazeable lies in its ability to provide a viable solution for artists who have long grappled with the dilemma of their work being exploited without their consent. “We have never been asked if we agree to our images being used,” remarked Eveline Fröhlich, a visual artist who sells prints and creates album and book covers. With Glazeable, artists can now regain control over their creations and safeguard their artistic integrity.

This extraordinary tool offers artists a means to counteract the unwanted consequences of AI algorithms utilizing existing artwork for inspiration. The lack of effective protective measures had left many artists feeling helpless. Glazeable provides them with the much-needed security and peace of mind.


Q: How does Glazeable protect artists’ work?
A: Glazeable applies imperceptible modifications to the original artworks, making them visually unchanged to humans but unrecognizable to AI algorithms.

Q: What problem does Glazeable solve for artists?
A: Glazeable addresses the issue of artists’ work being exploited and used without their consent in the training of AI systems.

Q: Who developed Glazeable?
A: Glazeable was developed by scientists at the University of Chicago.

Q: What benefits does Glazeable offer artists?
A: Glazeable empowers artists to regain control over their creations and preserve their artistic integrity.

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