The Top 7 AI Tools for Designing, Crafting, and Enhancing Creativity

If you’re a creative, you’ve probably experienced creative block and feeling uninspired. While there’s no cure for these moments, AI now offers an alternative to help you through. Here are seven AI tools that can enhance your creativity.

First on the list is CF Spark art generators. This suite of generative AI tools is designed for designers and crafters. Each generator is built for a specific image file type, allowing you to instantly use your generated file. Whether it’s a print-ready landscape art piece, a transparent PNG for custom stickers, or coloring pages, CF Spark has you covered. The suite is continuously adding more crafter-friendly tools, making it a website to watch out for.

Next is Huemint, an AI-powered color palette generator. Choosing the right color palette is essential for any designer. Huemint can help you come up with the perfect color combinations and determine where each color will look best on your design, whether it’s for marketing materials, a website, or an illustration.

Google’s Autodraw is an AI sketch tool that can turn your rough sketches into polished vector-based drawings in seconds. Anyone can use this tool, making it accessible to both professionals and amateurs.

Fontjoy is an AI-powered font pairing generator. If you spend a lot of time deciding on the perfect font combo, Fontjoy can cut your trial and error in half. Simply paste your content on the website, and it will generate AI-generated font pairing suggestions for your header, sub-header, and body text.

Let’s Enhance is a tool that uses AI to upscale and enhance images. This is particularly useful for designers who struggle with getting good-quality images from clients. Crafters can also benefit from this tool by expanding their image resources.

Uizard is an easy-to-use AI-powered UX/UI generator. It can turn your rough UI/UX sketch into a workable wireframe within minutes. You can also use screenshots of websites to create editable mockups. Its newest feature is a text-to-mockup UI generator that generates multi-screen mockups with a single text prompt.

Finally, Fotor offers an AI painting generator with over 50 painting styles. Upload your reference image and choose the art style you prefer. Fotor also has an NFT generator for aspiring crypto artists.

These AI tools can transform your design workflow and enhance your creativity. Use them for brainstorming, prototyping, or automating menial tasks. Let AI tools clear your schedule so you can focus on honing your skills.

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