Samsung Taps into the Culinary World with AI-Powered Food App

Samsung, known for its dominance in the smartphone market, is now making strides in the culinary world with the introduction of an innovative AI-powered food app. With 30% of the 30-to-49 age group owning a Samsung smartphone in 2023, the company is leveraging its success to expand its services and cater to the growing number of food enthusiasts.

The new venture aims to revolutionize the way we approach cooking and dining by providing users with personalized recommendations, an extensive recipe database, and interactive features powered by artificial intelligence. By analyzing user preferences, dietary restrictions, and even local ingredients, the app offers tailored suggestions that align with individual tastes and needs.

Gone are the days of aimlessly scrolling through countless recipes or struggling to decide what to make for dinner. With Samsung’s AI-powered food app, users can simply input their preferences, and the app will generate a curated list of recipes that best suit their unique culinary desires. Whether it’s a vegan-friendly dessert or a quick and easy weeknight meal, the app has got them covered.

While the app is undoubtedly a valuable resource for home cooks, it also serves as a platform for food enthusiasts to explore new flavors, cuisines, and cooking techniques. With interactive features such as tutorial videos, cooking challenges, and virtual cooking classes, users can elevate their culinary skills and embark on a journey of gastronomic exploration from the comfort of their own kitchens.


Q: How does the AI-powered food app work?
A: The app utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze user preferences, dietary restrictions, and local ingredients to provide personalized recipe recommendations.

Q: Can the app accommodate dietary restrictions?
A: Yes, the app takes into account dietary restrictions and offers tailored recipe suggestions accordingly.

Q: Are there additional features besides recipe recommendations?
A: Yes, the app includes tutorial videos, cooking challenges, and virtual cooking classes to enhance the culinary experience.

Q: Is the app available for all Samsung phone users?
A: Yes, the app is available to all Samsung smartphone owners.

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