Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Leads the Way with AI Triage

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, also known as Ichilov Hospital, has made history as the first hospital globally to incorporate an AI chatbot into its triage process. The pioneering initiative comes as a result of a collaboration with Israeli startup Kahun, which developed the clinical-intake tool known as ChatGPT.

This revolutionary pilot scheme will initially be implemented in the emergency department of Sourasky, Israel’s largest acute care facility, which serves approximately 1.8 million patients annually. Kahun seamlessly integrated their chatbot into their existing AI system earlier this year, replacing the previous text-based patient questionnaire with a more conversational method.

By utilizing natural language processing, the chatbot enables patients to communicate their symptoms more effectively, helping clinicians to gain a comprehensive understanding of their condition. Subsequently, the system presents doctors with a summarized overview of the patient’s situation, ensuring a more informed starting point for treatment.

According to Kahun, this triage tool will significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of physicians at Sourasky. It enables healthcare providers to assess patient conditions promptly, offer diagnostic suggestions, and propose appropriate courses of action.

Professor David Seltzer, the Vice President of Emergency Medicine at Sourasky, expresses his concern about medical staff burnout and highlights the value of AI in alleviating this burden. By leveraging technology to handle routine tasks, medical professionals can focus on providing specialized care that cannot be replicated by AI systems. This integration of digital tools and AI is anticipated to enhance the overall quality of patient care.

Kahun’s system boasts an extensive proprietary database, incorporating over 30 million evidence-based medical insights. This wealth of knowledge allows the AI system to provide clinicians with valuable pre-visit clinical insights, reducing the pressure on medical staff and facilitating more comprehensive patient care.

“We’re thrilled to pioneer AI-based triage in Israel’s largest acute-care facility,” says Michal Tzuchman-Katz, Co-founder, and CEO of Kahun. With its innovative approach to triage, Sourasky Medical Center is at the forefront of healthcare technology, revolutionizing the way patients are assessed and treated.


1. What is triage?

Triage is the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition. It ensures that healthcare resources are allocated efficiently and that patients receive timely care.

2. How does the AI chatbot aid in triage?

The AI chatbot allows patients to communicate their symptoms in natural language, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of their condition for medical professionals. By summarizing patient information, it helps doctors make informed decisions on treatment plans.

3. Will this technology replace human doctors?

No, the AI chatbot is not designed to replace human doctors but rather to assist them. It helps streamline the triage process and provides valuable insights, allowing doctors to focus on specialized care that requires human expertise and judgment.

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