New Collaboration between Stability AI and NVIDIA Brings Unprecedented Speed and Efficiency to Stable Diffusion XL

Stability AI, a leading provider of AI solutions, has recently partnered with NVIDIA, a renowned technology company, to introduce a groundbreaking performance upgrade to their text-to-image generative AI product, Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL). This collaboration is set to revolutionize the speed and efficiency of SDXL, propelling Stability AI towards its ambitious goal of unlocking the full potential of humanity.

At the heart of this upgrade lies the incorporation of NVIDIA TensorRT, a cutting-edge optimization framework known for its high-performance capabilities. Stability AI will be hosting TensorRT, ensuring that users worldwide can benefit from the TensorRT versions of SDXL and access the open ONNX weights.

The integration of NVIDIA TensorRT with the converted ONNX model has already delivered astonishing results. One of the most remarkable achievements is the doubling of performance on NVIDIA H100 chips. Previously, generating high-definition images would take a significant amount of time, but with this upgrade, it can now be accomplished in a mere 1.47 seconds.

Moreover, this collaboration goes beyond just improving performance. Stability AI and NVIDIA are committed to making generative AI more accessible and affordable. To achieve this, further optimizations, including the utilization of 8-bit precision, are currently in the works. Preliminary performance benchmarks have already demonstrated that the NVIDIA TensorRT-optimized model outperforms the baseline model on major GPU accelerators such as A10, A100, and H100.

By accelerating AI model training and execution, Stability AI and NVIDIA are advancing their shared missions of empowering humanity and driving positive technological innovation. This partnership attests to the immense capabilities of collaboration and the vast potential of AI in various domains.


1. What is Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL)?
SDXL is a text-to-image generative AI product developed by Stability AI. It utilizes advanced AI techniques to generate high-quality images based on textual inputs.

2. What is NVIDIA TensorRT?
NVIDIA TensorRT is a performance optimization framework renowned for its high efficiency and speed in running AI models. It enables AI applications to achieve enhanced performance by leveraging optimized hardware architectures.

3. How does the collaboration between Stability AI and NVIDIA benefit users?
This collaboration brings unprecedented speed and efficiency to SDXL, enabling faster generation of high-definition images. Users can now leverage the power of NVIDIA TensorRT to access optimized versions of SDXL, making generative AI more accessible and cost-effective.

4. What are the future optimizations anticipated for SDXL?
Stability AI and NVIDIA are working on introducing 8-bit precision, which is expected to further enhance the speed and accessibility of SDXL.

5. How does this collaboration contribute to the democratization of generative AI?
By improving the speed, accessibility, and affordability of generative AI, this collaboration opens up new possibilities for creators, researchers, and innovators to explore the frontiers of AI-powered applications.

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