New Spotify Test Signals Potential Changes for Free Users

Spotify, the popular music streaming service, is reportedly testing a surprising downgrade to its free user experience. According to reports from Reddit users in the r/truespotify subreddit, Spotify has begun removing a popular free feature: music lyrics. This feature allows users to follow along with song lyrics as they listen. While lyrics have been available to both free and premium members, select free users are now discovering that this feature is disappearing, with a message encouraging them to explore Spotify Premium.

In response to these reports, Spotify has clarified that this is just a test. CJ Stanley, Spotify’s co-head of global communications, explained that the company regularly conducts tests to improve user experience and learn from the results. While Spotify did not disclose specific details about the testing markets, it is clear that they are considering new strategies to increase profitability.

The issue at hand is that Spotify is currently not profitable, and it needs to attract more subscribers to change this trajectory. Unlike streaming video services that have found success with ad-supported tiers, Spotify relies mainly on its ad-free premium subscriptions for revenue generation. Therefore, the removal of free features, such as lyrics, could be an indication of Spotify’s efforts to push free users towards paid subscriptions.

This move comes at a time when Spotify is exploring various avenues to increase revenue. Recently, the company raised the monthly subscription price of its Premium tier from $9.99 to $10.99. This price hike aligns with similar adjustments made by other music streaming services. Additionally, rumors suggest that Spotify is planning to introduce a “Supremium” tier, which would offer lossless audio quality as part of a higher-priced bundle.

While these potential changes may disappoint Spotify’s free users, they highlight the company’s determination to improve profitability. As the music streaming industry becomes increasingly competitive, Spotify is exploring different strategies to maintain its market position and secure its financial future. While this test may seem concerning for free users, it serves as a reminder that Spotify’s ultimate goal is to provide a sustainable and enhanced music streaming experience for all of its users.


Q: What feature is Spotify testing for free users?
A: Spotify is testing the removal of the music lyrics feature for select free users.

Q: Why is Spotify testing this change?
A: Spotify is aiming to increase profitability and attract more paid subscribers.

Q: Is Spotify profitable?
A: No, Spotify currently operates at a loss and relies on its premium subscriptions for revenue.

Q: Will this test result in permanent changes for free users?
A: While it is unclear, this test suggests that Spotify may introduce more paid features in the future.

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