SportsVisio Revolutionizes Sports Analytics with Groundbreaking AI Technology

Sports analytics just got a major upgrade with the introduction of SportsVisio, an innovative software company utilizing generative AI and image-based deep learning. Recently, the company announced a successful $3 million seed round led by Sapphire Sport, an influential early-stage investment platform at the intersection of technology, media, entertainment, and sport. SportsVisio’s cutting-edge AI technology brings augmented reality to amateur sports, allowing players, coaches, and parents to capture and stream live games, access insightful analytics, and create real-time highlights—all from their smartphones.

The revolutionary aspect of the SportsVisio platform lies in its cost-effective, platform-agnostic technology. By leveraging AI and computer vision, the software automates statistical analysis and content creation without the need for additional hardware. This results in faster and more seamless analysis, providing users with an enhanced sports experience.

Founded in 2021 by CEO Jason Syversen, SportsVisio boasts an expert team of industry veterans. Syversen, along with COO Samuel Corbitt, previously co-founded Siege Technologies, while Syversen and CTO Dan Oblinger (both DARPA alums) have successfully led multiple startup ventures. The $3 million seed round, led by Sapphire Sport, will further drive the development of SportsVisio’s next-generation AI technology and expand their sales team, facilitating continued growth and the establishment of partnerships with leagues and media properties.

SportsVisio’s versatile platform applies AI and computer vision to automate analysis and content creation for various stakeholders, including observers, participants, and coaches. The software excels in collecting and displaying seamless highlights while providing in-depth statistical analysis for individual players and teams. The platform also offers user-friendly profiles and “lockers” to store and distribute games and highlights across multiple social media channels. Lastly, the collaborative coaching functionalities empower teams and players to enhance their abilities through advanced coaching techniques.

As part of their mission to revolutionize the sports industry, Sapphire Sport, an early-stage investment platform, has allocated a substantial $181 million fund to invest in companies like SportsVisio. Their fund aims to support businesses that are leveraging technology to shape the future of sports, media, and digital commerce. With their second investment from Fund II, Sapphire Sport demonstrates their commitment to driving innovation in the sports analytics space.


Q: How does SportsVisio use AI technology in sports analytics?
A: SportsVisio employs AI and computer vision to automate statistical analysis, content creation, and in-depth player/team profiling in the field of sports analytics.

Q: What is the primary goal of SportsVisio’s platform?
A: The primary goal of SportsVisio’s platform is to enable users to capture and stream live games, access insightful analytics, and create real-time highlights, all within a cost-effective, platform-agnostic environment.

Q: How does SportsVisio contribute to the development of amateur and collegiate athletics?
A: SportsVisio provides amateur and collegiate athletics with high-tech capabilities through seamless content creation, collaborative coaching functionalities, and enhanced training techniques.

Q: Who led the $3 million seed round for SportsVisio?
A: The $3 million seed round for SportsVisio was led by Sapphire Sport, an early-stage investment platform with a focus on technology, media, entertainment, and sport.

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