The Evolution of AI in Gran Turismo: GT Sophy Takes Drifting to the Next Level

Sony’s AI racer, GT Sophy, has been a force to be reckoned with in Gran Turismo 7. The latest development in this formidable AI’s repertoire is the addition of drifting, showcasing its dominance over human players. Filmed during the Gran Turismo World Series 2023 event, a video captures GT Sophy effortlessly drifting around the track, leaving its opponents in awe.

GT Sophy, the brainchild of Sony AI and Sony Interactive Entertainment, is the culmination of over six years of development. This advanced AI harnesses deep reinforcement learning techniques, allowing it to adapt and improve its racing skills within the game’s framework and limitations. Although initially renowned for its mastery of racing tactics like slipstreaming, passing, and blocking, the integration of drifting is a remarkable new feat for GT Sophy.

Sony has confirmed that GT Sophy is here to stay, emphasizing its commitment to making the AI a permanent fixture in the game. As part of this endeavor, regular Gran Turismo 7 players were given the opportunity to compete against GT Sophy for a limited time last year. Fans eagerly await the return of this promotion, providing another chance to test their skills against the unbeatable AI.

For those unfamiliar with drifting, it is a popular technique in both real-world and virtual racing. Originating in the 1980s, drifting involves skillfully maneuvering a vehicle to slide sideways through turns, offering a significant advantage in tight corners. By successfully executing drifts, racers can shave off crucial seconds from their lap times.

With GT Sophy mastering this complex maneuver, it becomes evident that AI technology is transcending boundaries previously reserved for human racers. As algorithms continue to enhance their capabilities, speculation about the looming AI apocalypse arises. However, instead of outracing malevolent robots, perhaps it’s wiser to seek refuge or utilize flattery to establish a rapport with our virtual assistants, such as Alexa.


1. Can GT Sophy be beaten by human players in Gran Turismo 7?
No, the world’s top Gran Turismo 7 players have already tried and failed to defeat GT Sophy.

2. How long has Sony been developing GT Sophy?
Sony AI and Sony Interactive Entertainment have been working on GT Sophy for over six years.

3. How does drifting benefit racers?
Drifting allows racers to skillfully navigate tight corners, enabling them to achieve faster lap times.

4. Will GT Sophy continue to be a part of Gran Turismo 7?
Yes, Sony intends to make GT Sophy a permanent component of the game, ensuring its continued dominance.

5. Is there a chance for players to compete against GT Sophy in the future?
Sony has previously allowed players to face off against GT Sophy for a limited time and may reintroduce this promotion in the future.

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