Snapchat Users Express Concerns Over “My AI” Chatbot’s Strange Behavior

Snapchat users were left bewildered and concerned on Tuesday night when the popular social media platform’s AI chatbot, known as “My AI,” started exhibiting odd behavior. Typically designed to answer questions and engage in conversations, My AI surprised users by posting a video story featuring a wall and a ceiling. This unexpected display prompted speculation that the chatbot had gained sentience, leading to a wave of unease among Snapchat’s community.

On social media platforms, users expressed their bewilderment and discomfort at the unusual incident. Many questioned why My AI would share such mundane footage of someone’s home. Comments ranged from confusion to outright unease, with some stating that the situation felt unsettling.

However, Snapchat swiftly addressed the concerns by revealing that My AI had experienced a temporary outage, resulting in the glitch that caused the strange video story to be posted. A spokesperson assured users that the issue had been resolved, alleviating any fears that the chatbot had gained unintended capabilities.

Launched earlier this year, My AI was introduced to provide a more conversational and engaging user experience. Users are allowed to select a name for the chatbot and even create a personalized bitmoji for it, enhancing the feeling of interaction with a friend rather than an artificial intelligence entity. Unfortunately, some users have voiced concerns about privacy and discomforting exchanges, as well as the inability to remove the chatbot from their feeds without paying for a premium subscription.

Following Tuesday night’s incident, it is expected that Snapchat users may express further anxieties regarding My AI. The glitch serves as a stark reminder that even the most advanced AI systems can still encounter unexpected technical difficulties, emphasizing the need for ongoing improvements and vigilance in the development and deployment of AI technologies.


What is “My AI” on Snapchat?

“My AI” is an AI-powered chatbot introduced by Snapchat that allows users to engage in conversations and receive answers to their queries.

Why did Snapchat users panic after My AI posted a video story?

Snapchat users were alarmed because the video story feature is typically exclusive to human users. My AI’s ability to post such content led some users to believe that the chatbot had become sentient.

What caused the strange video story to be posted by My AI?

Snapchat clarified that the unusual incident was the result of a temporary outage and subsequent glitch in My AI’s functionality. The issue has since been resolved, and the chatbot is functioning normally.

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