SeatMatch Introduces Groundbreaking Recruitment Technology

SeatMatch, a leading recruiting and hiring company, has recently unveiled an innovative technology that is set to revolutionize the recruitment industry. The Neural Network Mapping technology, developed by Aboutly, a precision human dynamics company, is the first of its kind in the industry. By mapping the neural networks of the human brain’s software, this technology provides highly specific predictions about human behavior and interpersonal dynamics in relation to long-term role and team fit.

The integration of Neural Network Mapping into SeatMatch’s processes has already produced impressive results. The technology has significantly increased the success rate in retention-based metrics, with candidates remaining a fit beyond 12 months rising from 88% to an impressive 92%. Nancy Slessinger, CEO of SeatMatch, highlighted the game-changing nature of this breakthrough technology, stating, “Recruitment has always been as much a science as it is an art. This new technology has decrypted more of the art bit, making it into a repeatable and scalable science.”

SeatMatch has built a solid reputation over the last 15 years, operating in more than 10 countries and providing unique expertise in hiring and recruiting. Their rigorous process includes over 100 quantitatively measured checkpoints, ensuring a high standard of quality and filtering out candidates who may not fit long-term. In addition, SeatMatch offers an unusually high guarantee of 12 months, a testament to the confidence they have in their process and outcomes.

Clients of SeatMatch have been full of praise for the services provided. Scott Alberts, CEO of Voiceplace, Inc., described working with SeatMatch as a “dream come true” and emphasized the time and effort saved through their comprehensive hiring process. The company’s “Done For You” approach has relieved the burden of sifting through resumes and organizing countless interviews, allowing clients to focus on their core business.

The collaboration between SeatMatch and Aboutly showcases the transformative power of Neural Network Mapping. By going beyond traditional methods and delving into the deeper levels of people’s capabilities and interpersonal dynamics, this technology significantly advances the standards of fit. The use of brain software science and Neural Network Mapping technology heralds a new era in recruitment, providing data-driven matches that serve the needs of both employers and candidates.


Q: What is Neural Network Mapping technology?
A: Neural Network Mapping technology is a groundbreaking innovation that maps the neural networks of the human brain’s software, providing detailed insights into human behavior and interpersonal dynamics.

Q: How has SeatMatch benefited from Neural Network Mapping technology?
A: By integrating Neural Network Mapping into their processes, SeatMatch has seen a significant increase in their success rate, with candidates remaining a fit beyond 12 months rising from 88% to 92%.

Q: What sets SeatMatch apart from other recruiting firms?
A: SeatMatch distinguishes itself with its rigorous recruitment process, involving over 100 quantitatively measured checkpoints. They also offer an unusually high guarantee of 12 months, showcasing their commitment to providing exceptional quality matches.

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