Sean Penn Challenges Hollywood Studios: Fair Trade for AI Likeness

Sean Penn, known for his provocative stance and intense performances, has a striking proposal for Hollywood studio executives looking to use actors’ likenesses in artificial intelligence (AI) projects. If they want his voice and data, Penn suggests they offer their own daughters’ likenesses in return. In an impassioned interview with Variety, Penn expressed outrage at studios allegedly exploiting Screen Actors Guild (SAG) members’ voices and faces for future AI endeavors.

Penn envisions a negotiation scenario where he confronts studio heads with a camera crew present. He confronts them, asking if they find it acceptable for him to create a virtual replica of their daughters and host parties with his friends in a virtual setting. His audacious proposal aims to expose the unethical nature of using actors’ images without proper consent or compensation.

The integration of AI in the entertainment industry has become a contentious issue during ongoing negotiations between studios and actors and writers, who have been on strike for months advocating for a contract that offers better protection against the impact of streaming and emerging technologies. The absence of an agreement has resulted in major studios like Netflix and Disney offering substantial salaries for AI-related positions.

Although Penn’s proposal may seem extreme, he stresses that it underlines a lack of morality on the part of studios. The 63-year-old actor, also a director known for his recent documentary “Superpower” about the Ukraine war, emphasizes that this is not just a business matter but an issue of decency.

The writers’ strike, which began in May, has been joined by SAG-AFTRA, leading to the halt of production for numerous movies and television shows across the country. As AI continues to advance, the demand for AI experts grows, with job listings at streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney boasting salaries that place them among the top 1% of earners in America.


Q: What is Sean Penn proposing to Hollywood studios regarding AI?
A: Sean Penn suggests that if studios want to use actors’ voices and images for AI projects, they should offer their own daughters’ likenesses in return.

Q: Why is there a writers’ and actors’ strike in the entertainment industry?
A: The strikes are a result of negotiations between studios and writers/actors seeking improved protection in the face of changes brought on by streaming and emerging technologies.

Q: What has motivated studios to offer substantial salaries for AI-related positions?
A: The integration of AI in the entertainment industry has necessitated the hiring of AI experts to meet the demand as intelligent software can now replace many jobs.

Q: Has Sean Penn been involved in other projects recently?
A: Sean Penn recently directed a documentary called “Superpower” about the Ukraine war.

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