New Article: Rubrik Partners with Aon to Strengthen Data Security Offerings

Rubrik, a leading provider of data management and protection solutions, has recently announced a strategic partnership with professional services firm Aon. This collaboration aims to enhance the range of data security solutions available to customers in the Rubrik Transform Partner Ecosystem.

Through this partnership, Aon customers will now have access to Rubrik’s innovative Security Cloud data security platform, which offers comprehensive data protection, recovery, and risk monitoring capabilities. Built on zero trust principles and incorporating a robust backup architecture designed for cyber recovery, Security Cloud is equipped with various advanced features.

One such feature is data risk assessment and anomaly detection, which enables users to identify potential data exposure, investigate threats, and prevent reinfection by malware. Additionally, the platform provides global policy-driven automation, empowering users to ensure data availability, maintain policy compliance, and seamlessly orchestrate recovery workflows. With its zero trust design, Security Cloud ensures that data is kept readily available and protected from unauthorized access.

With the inclusion of Security Cloud in their offerings, Aon can further assist their customers in assessing and optimizing their cyber risk maturity. Additionally, Aon customers can leverage this powerful platform to secure their data regardless of where it resides, providing peace of mind in an increasingly complex threat landscape.

Rubrik’s partnership with Aon follows their successful collaborations with LTIMindtree and Microsoft, where Rubrik’s data protection and recovery platforms have been integrated into their respective offerings. Rubrik remains dedicated to safeguarding organizations’ data against cyber threats, insider attacks, and operational disruptions. By utilizing the Security Cloud platform, organizations can benefit from Rubrik’s expertise and machine learning capabilities to secure their data across various environments, including on-premises, cloud, and SaaS applications.

As Rubrik continues on its mission to secure the world’s data, it actively manages the Transform Partner Ecosystem, enabling managed security service providers (MSSPs) and managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver Rubrik-as-a-service to their clients. Additionally, Rubrik has established technology alliance partnerships with prominent technology providers such as Cisco and Dell, further expanding its reach and impact in the data security landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Rubrik’s partnership with Aon about?

Rubrik has partnered with Aon to offer enhanced data security solutions to customers in the Rubrik Transform Partner Ecosystem. Through this collaboration, Aon customers can now access Rubrik’s Security Cloud data security platform to protect and recover their data, as well as monitor risks.

2. What are the key features of Rubrik’s Security Cloud platform?

Rubrik’s Security Cloud platform incorporates key features such as data risk assessment and anomaly detection, global policy-driven automation, and a zero trust design. These features enable users to identify data exposure, ensure data availability, maintain policy compliance, and protect data from unauthorized access.

3. How does Rubrik’s partnership with Aon benefit organizations?

Rubrik’s partnership with Aon allows organizations to assess and optimize their cyber risk maturity. Additionally, Aon customers can utilize Rubrik’s Security Cloud platform to secure their data regardless of its location, providing comprehensive protection against potential threats.

4. Who are some of Rubrik’s other notable partners?

In addition to Aon, Rubrik has partnerships with LTIMindtree, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, and other technology providers. These partnerships enable Rubrik to expand its data security offerings and reach a broader customer base.

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