Real or Fake? Unraveling the Mystery of the Giant Irish Dog Photograph

The internet is a treasure trove of captivating images, and occasionally, a photograph emerges that captures the collective attention of dog lovers worldwide. One such image, claiming to depict the “last, giant Irish Greyhound” captured in 1902, recently went viral in September 2023. However, delving deeper into the origins of this photograph reveals an intriguing story that challenges its authenticity.

While some individuals marveled at the sheer size of the dog showcased in the image, others were skeptical, suggesting that it may have been generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Although the breed referred to as the “Irish Greyhound” does not exist, greyhounds are indeed present in Ireland, particularly in the country’s famous racing competitions.

To uncover the truth behind the photograph, a Google reverse image search was conducted, leading us to the original source. Surprisingly, the image was posted on the AI Generated Nonsense Facebook page with a caption substantiating its AI-generated nature, debunking any claims of it being a genuine vintage photo.

Further investigation led to its initial appearance on the Facebook group Cursed AI, where it was shared by Antoine Jo. The group’s purpose was to celebrate the spooky and unsettling artwork created by AI, explicitly stating that the images were generated by machines.

It is clear that the “last, giant Irish Greyhound” photograph is not an authentic depiction from 1902, but rather a product of AI creativity. It serves as a reminder of the remarkable capabilities of AI in generating realistic and compelling visual content. As the boundaries between real and artificial become increasingly blurred, it is crucial that we exercise caution and critical thinking when encountering captivating media on the internet.


1. Is the giant Irish Greyhound photograph real?

No, the photograph claiming to depict the “last, giant Irish Greyhound” captured in 1902 is not real. It was generated by artificial intelligence.

2. Where did the photograph originate?

The image was initially shared on the AI Generated Nonsense Facebook page and later appeared on the Cursed AI Facebook group.

3. Can AI generate realistic images?

Yes, AI algorithms can generate highly realistic images, often indistinguishable from genuine photographs. This technology has the potential to blur the line between real and artificial content.

4. How can I identify AI-generated images?

To identify AI-generated images, it is essential to conduct thorough research, including reverse image searches and investigating the original sources. Additionally, paying attention to captions and context can offer clues to the image’s authenticity.

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