Qure.ai and PATH India Collaborate to Revolutionize TB and COVID-19 Screening in Maharashtra

Qure.ai, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) firm, has joined forces with PATH India to launch a groundbreaking project aimed at transforming the screening process for tuberculosis (TB) and COVID-19 in Maharashtra, India. This ambitious collaboration, financed by Unitaid, focuses on implementing Qure.ai’s AI-powered qXR software to revolutionize the analysis of chest X-rays and greatly improve TB and COVID-19 screening at selected healthcare institutions.

The qXR software, hosted on a cloud-based platform, enables seamless connectivity across multiple locations, ensuring efficient and accurate assessment of chest X-rays. By deploying this software, medical professionals will have enhanced capabilities to detect and diagnose TB, leading to better patient outcomes and a significant positive impact on public health.

Previously, Qure.ai’s qXR software had been successfully operational at seven Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Pallika Hospitals, where over 90,000 patients underwent TB screening and chest abnormality assessments. The utilization of qXR resulted in a remarkable 35% increase in TB notifications, as the software identified incidental findings during the non-TB pathway.

Under the Unitaid-funded initiative, qXR is poised to be implemented at four prominent healthcare institutions in Maharashtra over a twelve-month period. These institutions include Dr Zakir Hussain Hospital and Hindu Hriday Samrat Balasaheb Thackrey Rugnalaya, overseen by the Nashik Municipal Corporation, as well as K.B Bhabha Hospital in Bandra, under the governance of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Qure.ai and PATH India aims to accelerate the fight against TB and assist the Indian government in achieving its ambitious goal of Ending TB by 2025. By leveraging the power of AI and deploying qXR software at selected sites in Maharashtra, this project will redefine TB diagnosis, making it more accurate, efficient, and speedy.


  • What is qXR software?
    qXR software is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system developed by Qure.ai. It is designed to analyze chest X-rays and enhance the diagnosis of conditions such as tuberculosis and COVID-19.
  • How does qXR software improve TB and COVID-19 screening?
    qXR software significantly enhances the capability to assess chest X-rays, enabling medical professionals to detect and diagnose TB and COVID-19 more accurately and efficiently.
  • Which healthcare institutions in Maharashtra will implement qXR software?
    As part of the collaboration between Qure.ai and PATH India, four prominent healthcare institutions in Maharashtra will implement qXR software. These institutions are Dr Zakir Hussain Hospital, Hindu Hriday Samrat Balasaheb Thackrey Rugnalaya, and K.B Bhabha Hospital.
  • How has the utilization of qXR software impacted TB screening?
    The utilization of qXR software has led to a 35% increase in TB notifications. This increase is attributable to the software’s ability to detect incidental findings and identify patients who had come for reasons unrelated to TB.

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