DeckMatch Secures €1M Funding to Revolutionize VC Matching Platform

Oslo-based start-up DeckMatch has successfully raised €1 million in a pre-seed funding round to boost its AI-powered venture capital (VC) matching platform. The company, founded by Leo Gasteen and Walid Mustapha, aims to streamline the process of matching start-up pitch decks with the most suitable VCs.

DeckMatch’s cutting-edge platform utilizes artificial intelligence to evaluate various aspects of a start-up’s pitch deck, including its stage, sector, business model, problem-solving capabilities, scalability, opportunity size, and the founders’ experience and domain expertise. By automating this evaluation process, DeckMatch eliminates the arduous task of manually reviewing hundreds of pitch decks.

The start-up is currently piloting its solution in a closed beta with over 60 VCs. While its primary focus is on the investment sphere, DeckMatch has recognized the potential for expanding into recruitment and procurement industries in the future. The platform not only matches start-ups with VCs but also provides valuable feedback to founders, helping them refine their pitch decks and increase their chances of securing funding.

This recent funding round was co-led by Alliance VC and Skyfall Ventures, with additional participation from renowned serial entrepreneur Nicolaj Højer Nielsen and other investors. Arne Tonning, a partner at Alliance VC, expressed his belief in DeckMatch’s ability to revolutionize the VC industry, stating, “We are big believers in the potential of DeckMatch to make VC firms not only more efficient and data-driven, but capable of making better investment decisions.”

Gasteen, co-founder of DeckMatch, envisions a future where decision-making processes in venture capital and other industries are driven by data, freeing up time for more strategic and creative endeavors. He highlighted the significant shift in the VC industry from manual processes to using technology platforms like DeckMatch. This early investment will enable the company to enhance its product, further develop its platform, and expand its team.

With the backing of prominent investors, DeckMatch is set to transform the way start-ups connect with VCs, paving the way for a more efficient and innovative VC industry.

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