OpenText and Google Cloud Partner to Drive Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

OpenText, a leading information management solutions provider, has announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud. This collaboration comes on the heels of OpenText’s recently unveiled vision and strategy for artificial intelligence, By combining OpenText’s expertise in information management solutions with Google Cloud’s AI capabilities, the two companies aim to help organizations unlock valuable insights, improve productivity, and enhance customer experiences.

The partnership will leverage Google Cloud Vertex AI and the Palm2 large language model (LLM) to address various use cases, including customer service, business support, marketing, and sales. These advanced technologies will facilitate the development of high-quality software applications and enable businesses to work smarter and achieve unprecedented growth.

Through OpenText ADM (Application Delivery Management), the company will introduce generative AI capabilities on the ValueEdge platform. These early access capabilities will be generally available in the fall with the release of Cloud Editions 23.4. OpenText’s focus on AI innovation remains steadfast, with plans to further develop AI capabilities using Google Cloud Vertex AI.

One noteworthy outcome of this partnership is the integration of OpenText’s content management platform with Google Workspace. This integration will allow Google Workspace customers to seamlessly explore their repositories managed by OpenText, enhancing document management, collaboration, and the overall cloud experience.

To expedite customers’ migration to the cloud, OpenText will embed its Application Modernization solutions in Google Cloud’s Dual Run solution. This integration offers customers a pathway to modernize their operations, reduce mainframe-dependency, and mitigate associated risks.

OpenText’s commitment to AI innovation is underscored by its acquisition of KineMatik, an Ireland-based provider of business process and project management solutions. The acquisition, although at an early stage, is expected to bring new opportunities and value to OpenText’s customers.

Muhi Majzoub, the chief product officer at OpenText, affirms the immense future potential of AI innovation. With numerous use cases and ideas on the horizon, OpenText is poised to continue driving AI advancements that will revolutionize industries.

Q: What is OpenText’s partnership with Google Cloud focused on?
A: OpenText and Google Cloud aim to leverage AI capabilities to enhance information management solutions, increase productivity, and transform customer experiences.

Q: How will OpenText and Google Cloud address various use cases?
A: OpenText will utilize Google Cloud Vertex AI and the Palm2 large language model (LLM) to address use cases such as customer service, business support, marketing, and sales.

Q: What integration will benefit Google Workspace customers?
A: Google Workspace customers will have the ability to explore OpenText’s content management platform via Core for Google Workspace, enhancing document management and collaboration.

Q: How will OpenText assist with customers’ migration to the cloud?
A: OpenText’s Application Modernization solutions will be embedded in Google Cloud’s Dual Run solution, offering customers a pathway to modernize operations and reduce mainframe-dependency.

Q: What does OpenText’s acquisition of KineMatik entail?
A: OpenText’s recent acquisition of KineMatik, a provider of business process and project management solutions, will bring new opportunities and value to its customers.

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