OMNIVISION Unveils High-Resolution Image Sensor for Enhanced Video Conferencing and AI Applications

OMNIVISION, a leading provider of advanced digital imaging solutions, has introduced the groundbreaking OV05C10 image sensor designed exclusively for 16:10 aspect ratio notebooks. With its industry-first 5.2-megapixel capability, this sensor sets a new standard in low-power, small-form factor Backside Illuminated (BSI) image sensor technology.

The OV05C10 image sensor incorporates 1.12-micron pixels and staggered High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, ensuring exceptional image quality even in challenging lighting conditions. What makes this sensor truly unique is its support for human presence detection (HPD), a feature that significantly enhances artificial intelligence (AI) applications while conserving the battery life of portable devices.

By leveraging its high resolution, the OV05C10 enables auto-framing for video conferencing. This innovative technology automatically adjusts the camera’s field of view, ensuring the speaker remains at the center of the image while eliminating distractions from the background. This functionality greatly improves the user experience and enables more engaging and focused video conferences.

Danny Liu, Product Marketing Manager at OMNIVISION, emphasized the significance of this advancement in the context of the growing prevalence of remote work and education. He explained, “With AI-powered human-computer interaction becoming increasingly mainstream, our OV05C10 sensor is versatile enough to support a variety of AI features, including HPD. In addition to its higher resolution and unique aspect ratio, the sensor’s HDR function guarantees superior image quality during video calls.”

Built on OMNIVISION’s PureCelPlus technology, the OV05C10 sensor provides enhanced sensitivity, reduced noise, and overall improved image quality. Its two-exposure staggered HDR timing at 5.2MP and 60 frames per second further enhances the sensor’s ability to capture remarkable details in both bright and dark environments. Moreover, the sensor incorporates an ultra-low-power mode specifically designed for HPD, extending the battery life of devices.

The OV05C10 image sensor is currently in the sampling phase, with mass production scheduled for February 2024. This groundbreaking development is poised to revolutionize the functionality of notebooks and IoT devices, elevating video conferencing experiences and enabling more efficient AI applications. As we continue to work, learn, and interact with technology, the OV05C10 paves the way for a future marked by enhanced connectivity and productivity.


What is the resolution of the OV05C10 image sensor?

The OV05C10 image sensor boasts a resolution of 5.2 megapixels, providing high-quality images.

How does the sensor improve video conferencing?

The OV05C10 sensor supports auto-framing, automatically adjusting the camera’s field of view to keep the speaker at the center of the image. This feature eliminates distracting backgrounds and enhances the overall video conferencing experience.

What is human presence detection (HPD)?

Human presence detection is a feature that enhances artificial intelligence (AI) applications and helps extend the battery life of portable devices. It enables devices to detect and respond to the presence of a person, optimizing functionality and power consumption.

What technology is used in the OV05C10 image sensor?

The OV05C10 image sensor is built on OMNIVISION’s PureCelPlus technology, which increases sensitivity, reduces noise, and enhances image quality.

When will the OV05C10 image sensor be available?

OMNIVISION is currently sampling the OV05C10, with mass production expected to begin in February 2024.

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