New Nvidia Partnerships in India Set to Revolutionize AI Infrastructure

Nvidia, one of the leading companies driving the generative AI revolution, has recently announced two significant partnerships in India. These collaborations with Reliance Industries and Tata Group are aimed at establishing and revolutionizing artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure in the country.

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, highlighted the immense potential of India’s diverse market and the abundance of data already available in the country. “India already has lots of data. You have very diverse languages, a diverse population with diverse needs different from the rest of the world, which means you have a local market. You also produce more computer scientists than any other country on the planet (to create solutions for the world). The only thing the country really needs is the computing infrastructure,” he stated.

The partnership with Reliance Industries focuses on servicing its extensive customer base of 450 million individuals. Reliance aims to develop a large language model trained on India’s vernacular languages, enabling services such as real-time translations for users speaking different languages.

Tata Group’s collaboration will be spearheaded by Tata Communications, establishing the necessary infrastructure to support AI companies across India. This infrastructure will eliminate the need for Indian AI companies to export their engineers to work in California, providing them with seamless access to the required resources.

Furthermore, the partnership with Tata Group will benefit Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), enabling them to train their 600,000 IT professionals in AI using the newly established infrastructure. This initiative will empower TCS to enhance its capabilities and drive innovation within the organization.

By investing in AI infrastructure in India, Nvidia aims to catalyze the growth of AI companies, cultivate local talent, and position India as a global hub for AI innovation. With an abundance of data, diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and a highly skilled workforce, India possesses the ingredients for an AI revolution.


Q: What are the two significant partnerships announced by Nvidia in India?
A: Nvidia has announced partnerships with Reliance Industries and Tata Group.

Q: What is the focus of the partnership with Reliance Industries?
A: The partnership with Reliance Industries aims to service its vast customer base and develop generative AI services, including real-time translations.

Q: What is the objective of the collaboration with Tata Group?
A: The collaboration with Tata Group aims to establish AI infrastructure to support AI companies in India and train IT professionals in AI.

Q: What is the goal of Nvidia’s investment in AI infrastructure in India?
A: Nvidia aims to stimulate the growth of AI companies, nurture local talent, and position India as a global hub for AI innovation.

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