Nvidia and Google Broaden AI Support with Expanded Partnership

Nvidia Corp. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Cloud Platform have announced an expansion of their partnership to support the growth of AI and large language models. During a fireside chat at the Google Cloud Next event, Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang and GCP Chief Executive Thomas Kurian introduced the partnership.

The collaboration builds on Nvidia technology utilized by Google’s DeepMind and Google research teams over the past two years. Google’s PaxML large language model framework now incorporates Nvidia’s H100 and A100 graphics processing units, providing immediate availability for users.

Additionally, Google Cloud will be among the first to gain access to Nvidia’s next-generation DGX GH200 AI supercomputer, which is powered by the Grace Hopper superchip recently introduced by Nvidia. This collaboration aims to enable developers to accelerate their work using infrastructure, software, and services that enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs.

The partnership comes at a time when Nvidia has exceeded Wall Street expectations, with over $2 billion in data-center sales due to high demand for AI technologies. Following the announcement, Nvidia shares rose by 4% and Alphabet shares increased by 2.5%, outperforming the S&P 500 index’s 1.2% rise.

This expanded collaboration presents an opportunity for Nvidia and Google Cloud to combine their expertise and resources to further advance AI capabilities and make them more accessible to developers.

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