NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Highlights Omniverse, OpenUSD, and Generative AI at SIGGRAPH Keynote

The annual SIGGRAPH conference recently took place in Los Angeles, featuring a keynote address by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. The hour-long talk focused on the future of 3D visualization and simulation, with a particular emphasis on generative AI.

Huang highlighted the advancements in technology and innovation over the past decade, bringing together technologies such as AI, simulation, and 3D visualization for more practical applications. NVIDIA announced hardware developments like the GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip platform and new workstations for AI system development.

Two significant topics discussed were Omniverse and OpenUSD (Universal Scene Description) and their intersection with generative AI. The company introduced significant updates to Omniverse Kit, which simplifies the development of native OpenUSD applications and extensions. This includes new functionalities that allow developers to customize their applications easily. NVIDIA also added Omniverse Cloud APIs, making it more accessible for developers to implement OpenUSD pipelines and applications. They also announced new resources, rendering optimization tools, and extended reality (XR) tools.

The keynote also highlighted the importance of OpenUSD in various industries, including the geospatial space. NVIDIA introduced new specifications for OpenUSD, specifically addressing simulations at different scales for geospatial and facility management applications.

With these advancements, NVIDIA aims to create hyper-realistic models, run physics-enabled simulations, and build digital twins for geospatial workflows, facility management, and other industries. The integration of OpenUSD, Omniverse, and generative AI, coupled with NVIDIA’s new hardware innovations, opens up new possibilities for various sectors.

According to Jensen Huang, “OpenUSD will spark the era of collaborative 3D and industrial digitalization.” NVIDIA is committed to advancing and promoting the adoption of OpenUSD through the development of Omniverse and generative AI.

For more details, you can watch the full keynote address [here](link).

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