Journalists Share Concerns About the Readiness of AI Tools for Newsrooms

Journalists from various digital publishers have expressed their reservations about the use of generative AI tools for writing articles. While some publishers have created task forces to oversee AI initiatives, many journalists feel left out of the conversation and believe that the technology is not yet capable of producing high-quality content.

According to an anonymous G/O Media employee, the technology is not ready in the way that newsroom managers believe it is. Journalists are reluctant to be the guinea pigs for AI experimentation and see the adoption of AI as a potential threat to their jobs. They are concerned that the technology lacks transparency, accuracy, and accountability.

Although some journalists are using AI technology for tasks like data analysis and story ideas, they do not believe that it is suitable for serious journalism purposes. They argue that any forced implementation of AI tools leads to companies embarrassing themselves. Transparency and accountability are important to journalists, and they do not want to be forced to work with technology that falls short in these areas.

While Insider encourages its employees to test generative AI tools, the company’s union has established safeguards to ensure the involvement of union members in discussions about new technologies like AI. Some journalists at Insider feel that the organization is too eager to embrace AI and should approach its use more skeptically.

Nicholas Carlson, editor in chief of Insider, understands his staff’s concerns and has formed a task force led by journalists to test the application of AI technology in the newsroom. He emphasizes that journalists need to be deliberate and cautious in learning how to use AI. Although AI won’t replace journalists, Carlson believes that journalists who refuse to use AI may eventually be replaced by those who embrace the technology.

Overall, journalists express the need for clearer guidelines and directives from management regarding the use of AI technology. They believe that simply embracing new tech without ensuring its effectiveness and alignment with their goals is naive. While they recognize the importance of keeping up with digital publishing trends, journalists are skeptical about the current readiness of AI tools for newsrooms.

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