Newegg Launches Innovative AI-Powered Tool to Enhance Product Reviews

Newegg Commerce Inc., the leading online electronics retailer, has recently introduced an exciting new feature on its website that leverages generative artificial intelligence (AI) to summarize product reviews. The primary objective of this cutting-edge tool is to save shoppers valuable time by providing them with concise and informative summaries of customer feedback.

Named “Review Bytes,” the AI-generated review tool highlights positive keywords from customer reviews and displays them directly beneath the product image. By showcasing keywords such as “battery life” or “sound quality,” Newegg aims to offer shoppers a quick overview of the most notable features and benefits of each product.

Moreover, Newegg’s AI tool goes a step further by generating a summarized review that paraphrases the sentiment expressed in all the customer reviews. This summary, called “Summary AI,” is prominently displayed at the top of the review section, allowing shoppers to quickly grasp the general consensus about a product. Additionally, the AI also compiles a list of pros and cons for each item, extracted from the reviews.

Andrew Choi, the Director of Brand and Website Experience for Newegg, emphasizes the significance of this feature in assisting customers in making informed purchasing decisions. “We ultimately want the customer to get the right product for their needs,” he asserts.

Customer reviews have become increasingly influential in online shopping, with a significant impact on conversion rates. According to a survey conducted by Digital Commerce 360/Bizrate Insights, 39% of online shoppers consider the quality and quantity of product reviews as a crucial factor in their purchasing decisions. Another study by Gartner reveals that 51% of consumers rely on user reviews to shape their opinions of a new brand or product.

Recognizing the importance of customer reviews, Newegg’s investment in AI-generated review summaries showcases its commitment to enhancing the shopping experience. By providing shoppers with concise summaries and valuable insights, Newegg aims to streamline the decision-making process and ensure customer satisfaction.


1. How does Newegg’s AI-powered review tool work?

Newegg’s AI-powered review tool uses generative artificial intelligence to summarize product reviews. It highlights positive keywords from customer reviews and displays them as “Review Bytes” beneath the product image. The tool also generates a summarized review called “Summary AI” that paraphrases the overall sentiment expressed in the reviews.

2. How are the pros and cons determined in the AI-generated review tool?

The AI tool extracts pros and cons for each product from the reviews and lists them accordingly. The pros usually align with the positive keywords displayed in the “Review Bytes” section.

3. Why are customer reviews important in online shopping?

Customer reviews play a crucial role in online shopping as they provide valuable insights and feedback from previous buyers. They help potential customers make informed decisions by offering real-world experiences and opinions about the product.

4. How does Newegg measure the success of the AI-powered review tool?

Newegg plans to measure the success of the review tool based on clicks, views, and shopper behavior after engagement. By analyzing these metrics, Newegg can assess the tool’s effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments.

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