New State Report Card Highlights Academic Achievement and Progress in Clark and Champaign Counties

The recent release of the Ohio Department of Education’s 2022-23 State Report Card has provided insight into the academic performance of schools in Clark and Champaign counties. While the grading system has changed, measuring schools on a 1-5 star rating scale instead of the previous A-F letter grades, the core fact remains the same: most districts in the two counties have met state standards.

Several districts in Clark and Champaign counties received overall ratings of 4 stars or higher, indicating their strong performance. Mechanicsburg Exempted Village Schools and West Liberty-Salem Schools stood out with the highest local ratings of 4.5 stars. These districts have demonstrated their commitment to academic excellence and have earned recognition for their achievements.

On the other hand, Springfield City School District received the lowest overall rating locally with 2 stars. While this score may appear concerning, Superintendent Bob Hill emphasized the progress the district has made. Despite facing various challenges, the dedicated team of educators and support staff in Springfield have worked tirelessly to improve student achievement in multiple areas.

In reviewing the report card, it is important to understand the different components that contributed to the ratings. Schools were evaluated based on factors such as state test performance, reading proficiency, graduation rates, and year-over-year progress. The rating system places increased emphasis on progress and gap closing, highlighting the importance of continual improvement and addressing disparities among student subgroups.

Overall, the State Report Card serves as an important tool for measuring academic performance and identifying areas for growth. It provides valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of school districts, allowing educators and administrators to make informed decisions to better support student learning.


Q: What is the State Report Card?
A: The State Report Card is an assessment tool used by the Ohio Department of Education to evaluate the academic performance of school districts in the state.

Q: How are the ratings calculated?
A: The ratings are calculated based on various components, including state test performance, graduation rates, and year-over-year progress.

Q: What do the star ratings represent?
A: The star ratings represent the overall performance of a school district, with 5 stars indicating the highest level of achievement.

Q: Why did the grading system change from A-F letter grades to star ratings?
A: The Ohio legislature implemented the change to provide a more comprehensive and nuanced assessment of school performance.

Q: How can school districts use the report card to improve?
A: The report card helps school districts identify areas for improvement and make data-informed decisions to enhance student learning.

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