Meta Takes on OpenAI with New AI Model: A Step Towards Democratizing AI

Meta, formerly Facebook, is poised to shake up the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape by developing its own AI model to rival OpenAI’s GPT-4, a powerful chatbot, according to a recent report. Taking its AI ambitions seriously, Meta is making significant investments, including acquiring additional Nvidia H100 AI-training chips and expanding its infrastructure.

The Wall Street Journal reveals Meta’s plan to commence training for its new large language model (LLM) in early 2024. What sets Meta apart is its intention to offer the AI model to companies and researchers for free, at least initially. This aligns with Meta’s broader mission to democratize AI and provide widespread access for various applications.

To bring this vision to life, Meta has assembled a dedicated team focused on developing the AI model. One of their primary objectives is to create AI tools that effectively simulate human expressions, adding a new dimension to AI capabilities. This emphasis on mimicking human expressions could have a profound impact on diverse industries such as customer service, entertainment, and virtual communication.

Notably, Meta has already demonstrated its commitment to AI innovation through previous projects like Code Llama. Code Llama, a specialized version of the large language model Llama 2, facilitates the generation and discussion of code through text prompts. Its aim is to streamline development processes and provide a valuable resource for aspiring coders looking to enhance their skills.

Earlier this year, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the formation of a dedicated product team exclusively focused on generative AI. This declaration reaffirmed Meta’s deep-rooted interest in AI and its determination to introduce groundbreaking technologies in the near future.

While Meta’s AI endeavors continue to take shape, the company is simultaneously preparing for the global launch of Quest 3. As part of this strategy, Meta has strategically reduced the prices of Quest 2, paving the way for increased market penetration and user adoption.


Q: How does Meta plan to rival OpenAI’s GPT-4?
A: Meta intends to develop its own AI model that will compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4, leveraging investments in AI capabilities and infrastructure.

Q: Will Meta’s new AI model be freely available?
A: Yes, Meta plans to offer its AI model to companies and researchers for free, aligning with their goal of democratizing AI.

Q: What is Code Llama?
A: Code Llama is a specialized large language model developed by Meta to generate and discuss code, aimed at streamlining development processes and serving as an educational resource for coding.

Q: When will Meta commence training for their new AI model?
A: Meta plans to start training for their new AI model in early 2024.

Q: Apart from rivaling OpenAI, what other AI initiatives is Meta pursuing?
A: Meta is actively investing in AI innovation and has recently formed a dedicated product team focused on generative AI.

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