New AI-powered Personalization Technology Takes Gaming to New Heights

The future of personalized gaming just got a whole lot brighter with the emergence of Martian Lawyers Club (MLC), a trailblazing company that aims to revolutionize game personalization using generative AI. Unlike other companies that focus on generating game content, MLC takes a different approach by prioritizing the systems that comprise the foundation of a game. This groundbreaking concept has garnered the attention of investors, leading MLC to secure a significant $2.2 million pre-seed round of funding.

Co-founded by Kamen Brestnichki and Levi Fussell, MLC combines their expertise in machine learning, computer graphics, and machine learning to tackle the challenge of video game personalization head-on. Brestnichki highlights the unique perspective of MLC, stating, “we believe it’s actually the systems… which actually unlock personalization.” Rather than relying solely on visual and narrative aspects, MLC aims to create games that mimic a conversation, allowing players to interact and receive tailored responses that go beyond pre-defined choices.

MLC’s innovative approach is expected to transform the gaming experience by providing developers with an SDK (Software Development Kit) that serves as a sandbox. Here, developers can design the game experience without the need to create every interaction from scratch. The generative AI system, guided by predefined boundaries set by the developers, ensures that games remain engaging and coherent. MLC also implements its own guardrails to maintain control over the process.

Although the concept of games evolving in real-time with generated code snippets is still in the research phase, MLC remains at the forefront of pushing these boundaries. The team envisions a future where gamers download smaller game files, with the bulk of the code being generated on-the-fly, enhancing freedom and interactivity.

MLC’s fresh approach to personalization has captivated the gaming community, attracting attention from developers who embrace procedurally created game environments. With their first game—a collectible card game—already in development, MLC plans to further expand its team with new hires dedicated to game design, programming, and cloud infrastructure.

As the first spin-off company from INSAIT, a prestigious AI-centric tech institute, MLC benefits from close ties to academia. This partnership reflects the company’s commitment to pioneering novel and innovative solutions in the gaming industry.


Q: What is Martian Lawyers Club (MLC)?
A: MLC is a company focused on AI-based game personalization technology.

Q: What makes MLC’s approach unique?
A: MLC prioritizes the systems that form the core of a game, allowing players to interact and receive personalized responses beyond pre-defined choices.

Q: How does MLC plan to achieve personalization?
A: MLC provides developers with an SDK that serves as a sandbox, enabling them to design the game experience without creating every interaction from scratch.

Q: Does MLC have any notable investors?
A: Yes, MLC recently raised a $2.2 million pre-seed round led by Fly Ventures, with participation from System.One, Amar Shah, and Dhyan Ventures.

Q: What is MLC’s vision for the future of gaming?
A: MLC envisions games where code is generated in real-time, providing players with greater freedom and interactivity.

Q: What kind of projects is MLC currently working on?
A: MLC is developing a collectible card game to showcase the capabilities of their personalization technology.

Q: How does MLC plan to expand its team?
A: With the recent funding, MLC intends to hire game designers, programmers, and engineers to further develop its cloud infrastructure.

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