Introduces New Tools to Simplify Edge AI Development, a machine learning chipmaker, has unveiled a set of new tools designed to streamline artificial intelligence (AI) development at the edge. The company’s Palette Edgematic tool offers a user-friendly, no-code interface that enables developers to easily create, evaluate, and fine-tune applications through a secure browser. With the drag-and-drop functionality, edge AI applications can be created quickly, while their performance and power consumption requirements are evaluated in real-time.’s hardware includes a purpose-built system-on-a-chip for low-power edge devices. The platform, known as the Palette, provides developers with scalable, high-performance tools for building machine learning models. The GStreamer workflows, combined with advanced scripting and automation, enable optimized neural network models to be easily developed and deployed to large numbers of edge devices simultaneously.

The low-code development approach offered by revolutionizes edge AI and machine learning, streamlining the process for embedding AI and ML into products and services. With SiMa’s tools, developers no longer need to rely on embedded hand coding or intermediate cloud simulations. Instead, they can convert their computer vision pipeline concepts into executable code and evaluate them directly on an edge device.

The initial release of Palette Edgematic comes with a variety of pre-optimized pipelines and models, covering different use cases such as object detection, tracking, classification, and segmentation. This comprehensive toolset empowers developers to rapidly create and deploy machine learning applications in environments such as warehouses, factories, autonomous vehicles, and more. aims to spark innovation and accelerate time to deployment with its new tools. By simplifying the development and evaluation process, enables organizations of all sizes to explore the potential of edge AI and unlock transformative possibilities.


What is Palette Edgematic?

Palette Edgematic is a tool offered by that provides a no-code interface for creating, evaluating, and fine-tuning edge AI applications.

What are the benefits of Palette Edgematic?

Palette Edgematic simplifies the development and evaluation of edge AI applications by offering a drag-and-drop interface and real-time performance evaluation.

What use cases does Palette Edgematic support?

Palette Edgematic covers various use cases, including object detection, tracking, classification, and segmentation.

Can Palette Edgematic be used in different industries?

Yes, Palette Edgematic can be used in a wide range of industries, such as warehouses, factories, autonomous vehicles, and more.

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