J.D. Power Expands Global Reach with Autovista Group Acquisition

J.D. Power, a renowned global provider of data analytics, is set to expand its presence in Europe and Australia through the acquisition of Autovista Group. The agreement, announced today, will enable J.D. Power to enhance its vehicle valuation and detailed vehicle specification data and analytics capabilities while gaining a stronger foothold in these key automotive markets. While the financial details have not been disclosed, the deal is expected to bring immense value to customers of both organizations.

By combining Autovista Group’s extensive European and Australian market intelligence with J.D. Power’s market-leading predictive analytics and valuation datasets, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, insurers, and financing companies will gain access to a comprehensive global view of the automotive industry. This collaboration will equip industry stakeholders with the necessary tools to accurately forecast risk, seize emerging trends, and align sales strategies with real-time market dynamics.

Moreover, Autovista’s detailed vehicle-specific data, especially relevant in the context of U.S. consumers increasingly embracing customized vehicle specifications, will be invaluable to OEMs navigating this shift in consumer behavior. Autovista Group, through its five prominent brands including Autovista, Eurotax, Glass’s, Schwacke, and Rødboka, standardizes and categorizes extensive technical attributes for virtually every vehicle produced in the European and Australian markets. This comprehensive dataset provides a 360-degree view of detailed vehicle information that can be utilized in valuations, forecasts, and repair estimates.

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a transformative period characterized by a wide selection of models and fuel types, fluctuations in used car values, and supply chain complexities. To address these challenges, Lindsey Roberts, CEO at Autovista, highlights the powerful combination of J.D. Power’s North American and Asian market data, analytics, and insights with Autovista Group’s pan-European and Australia-focused datasets. This collaboration is poised to deliver a global solution that empowers the industry to navigate this period of radical change effectively.

Following the acquisition, Autovista Group’s leadership team and its 700 employees will continue their roles, serving as J.D. Power’s automotive data and analytics platform for Europe and Australia. The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is J.D. Power?

J.D. Power is a global provider of data analytics that specializes in offering market intelligence, predictive analytics, and customer experience data in the automotive industry.

2. What is Autovista Group known for?

Autovista Group is a leading provider of automotive data, analytics, and industry insights in Europe and Australia. They standardize and categorize technical attributes for vehicles produced in these markets, providing extensive vehicle data for valuations, forecasts, and repair estimates.

3. How will the acquisition benefit customers of J.D. Power and Autovista Group?

The acquisition aims to create value for customers by combining Autovista Group’s European and Australian market intelligence with J.D. Power’s predictive analytics and valuation datasets. This collaboration will provide a comprehensive global view of critical industry trends and empower stakeholders to accurately forecast risk and align sales strategies with market dynamics.

4. What impact will the acquisition have on the automotive industry?

The acquisition will enable OEMs, dealers, insurers, and financing companies to access a wealth of automotive market data and insights. This will help them navigate the current transformation in the industry, including the shift towards customized vehicles and the challenges associated with an array of models, fuel types, and supply chain dynamics.

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