Kiwi Small Businesses Harness the Power of AI While Playing Catch-up with Australia

Small businesses in New Zealand are seeing the benefits of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations, but they still have some ground to cover compared to their counterparts in Australia. According to a recent survey conducted by global consultancy firm Peninsula Group, New Zealand small businesses are early adopters of AI technology, using it for various tasks such as administration, creative writing, and customer service assistance.

The survey revealed that creative writing is currently the most popular use-case for AI in New Zealand. Sam Alexander, owner of Dream Clean, an Airbnb cleaning business in Queenstown, attests to the transformative power of AI in his own business. By leveraging AI algorithms like ChatGPT, Alexander saves at least two hours each day by automating the creative writing process for advertisements and social media content. Not only does this technology generate engaging and descriptive material, but it also raises interest in the business.

Despite New Zealand’s enthusiasm for AI, the survey shows that the country still lags behind Australia and Canada in terms of AI adoption. Ireland, in particular, has embraced AI the most out of the five countries studied. The report indicates that 65% of New Zealand small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have yet to implement AI into their operations. However, almost 25% of businesses using AI have reported a positive impact on their operations, while only 2% have encountered any negative effects.

Maddie McKenzie, lead employment relations adviser at Employsure NZ, emphasizes the importance of finding the right balance between automation and human interaction. While small business owners may be hesitant to fully embrace AI due to concerns about security and privacy, McKenzie believes that with appropriate regulations in place, the potential benefits of AI adoption can be realized. The survey also indicates that over half of the New Zealand SMEs surveyed see AI as a useful tool that can positively impact their businesses without reducing their workforce.

As the ethical debate surrounding AI continues, AI technology has the potential to enhance productivity and save time and money for organizations by automating mundane tasks. While New Zealand SMEs still have room for growth in AI adoption, their early experimentation with and recognition of the benefits of AI are steps in the right direction.

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