HBKU’s AI Technology Revolutionizes Cultural Representation in Qatar

Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) is making significant strides in the field of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) by developing AI characters that are specifically tailored to Arab and Qatari culture. Led by Dr. James She of HBKU’s College of Science and Engineering, this groundbreaking research project aims to transform digital media production by creating culturally aware AI-generated content.

Traditional generative AI technologies often struggle to accurately represent Arab and Qatari cultures. Dr. She and his team at HBKU have spent the last three years pushing the boundaries of generative AI technology to ensure that it effectively and authentically portrays Qatari and Arab content, culture, and heritage. The result is a collection of Qatari AI characters, including “AI Fahad,” who can be seamlessly customized for various applications.

These AI characters are not only visually realistic but also meticulously preserve cultural details, from traditional attire like the “gitrah” and “thobe” to their ability to adapt to different languages and knowledge domains. For example, AI Fahad can even speak Mandarin to promote attractions in Qatar, making him a powerful tool for tourism advertising.

The implications of this project extend far beyond media and creative industries. With culturally aware AI technologies, media professionals and individuals can efficiently create lifelike AI-generated Qatari characters for digital images and videos. This innovation holds immense potential for diverse sectors, including tourism advertising and sports news broadcasting.

By positioning HBKU as a key research hub within the global research community, Dr. She and his team aim to pioneer breakthroughs in the realm of Arab culture and content. Their commitment to technological innovation, cultural correctness, artistic endeavors, and media appropriateness will undoubtedly make a significant impact on Qatar’s research and education landscape.


Q: What is generative artificial intelligence?
Generative artificial intelligence refers to the use of algorithms and machine learning techniques to create outputs, such as images or text, that resemble human-generated content. These algorithms can generate new content based on patterns and examples from existing data.

Q: How are AI characters tailored to Arab and Qatari culture?
HBKU’s research team has developed AI characters that are designed to accurately represent Arab and Qatari cultures. These characters not only visually resemble individuals from these cultures but also preserve cultural details, such as traditional attire and the ability to adapt to different languages and knowledge domains.

Q: What are the potential applications of culturally aware AI characters?
Culturally aware AI characters have diverse applications across multiple industries. They can be used in tourism advertising to promote local attractions, in sports news broadcasting to deliver culturally relevant content, and in various media production processes that require lifelike representations of Arab and Qatari characters.

– hamadeduqa

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