Harmony Korine Defends Use of AI in Film Production, Emphasizing its Creative Potential

Harmony Korine, the renowned filmmaker and visual artist behind works like Kids and Spring Breakers, is making headlines at the Venice Film Festival with his new film, Aggro Dr1ft. The experimental feature, shot entirely in infrared, follows a tormented assassin on a trippy journey to eliminate a wicked crime lord, played by rapper Travis Scott. However, it’s not just the film itself that has caught attention, but also Korine’s defense of using artificial intelligence (AI) technology in its production.

During a press conference, Korine expressed his excitement about AI as a creative tool rather than viewing it as an existential crisis. He sees AI as an additional layer, like frosting on a cake, that adds depth and enhances the overall artistic experience. The use of AI technology in Aggro Dr1ft allowed for the seamless integration of imagery and sounds, pushing the boundaries of traditional filmmaking.

While concerns have been raised about AI potentially exploiting actors and replacing writers, Korine sees it as an opportunity for artistic exploration. He believes that AI can be leveraged to expand the creative possibilities in film production, offering new ways to tell stories and manipulate the form.

Collaborating with Travis Scott, whose music and energy align closely with the film’s aesthetic, proved to be a natural fit for Korine. He praised Scott’s ability to create a world through his music and appreciated how it meshed with the overall look and character of Aggro Dr1ft.

Korine’s perspective offers a fresh take on AI in the film industry, showcasing its potential to be a valuable tool rather than a threat. By embracing AI technology, filmmakers like Korine can push artistic boundaries and create captivating experiences that transcend traditional storytelling methods.


Q: What is Aggro Dr1ft?
A: Aggro Dr1ft is an experimental feature film directed by Harmony Korine, shot entirely in infrared. It follows a tormented assassin on a trippy journey to kill a wicked crime lord, played by Travis Scott.

Q: What is AI technology?
A: AI, or artificial intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of film production, AI can be used to enhance various aspects of the filmmaking process, including image and sound manipulation.

Q: How does Harmony Korine view AI in film production?
A: Korine sees AI as an exciting creative tool rather than an existential crisis. He believes that it offers new ways to integrate imagery and sounds, expanding the possibilities of storytelling and pushing the boundaries of traditional filmmaking.

Q: Is there any concern about AI replacing actors and writers?
A: While some artists have expressed concerns about AI potentially exploiting actors and replacing writers, Korine views it as an opportunity for artistic exploration rather than a threat. He sees AI as a tool that can enhance the creative process and enable filmmakers to tell stories in innovative ways.

Q: Who is Travis Scott and how is he connected to Aggro Dr1ft?
A: Travis Scott is a rapper and musical artist who plays the role of a wicked crime lord in Aggro Dr1ft. Harmony Korine praised his music and energy, stating that it aligned closely with the overall aesthetic of the film.

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