Guillermo del Toro: Challenging Natural Stupidity and Embracing Animation

Renowned filmmaker Guillermo del Toro recently delivered a keynote address at the Toronto International Film Festival, sharing his thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI) and animation. While many people express concerns about AI, del Toro believes that “natural stupidity” is a more pressing issue. He emphasizes that AI is simply a tool and suggests that those who desire movies made by AI should have access to them, even if the quality may be lacking.

As a filmmaker known for his meticulous approach, del Toro dismisses the idea of being replaced by machines. He humorously points out that AI cannot create something original, asking rhetorically why someone would claim authorship over a printed version of the Mona Lisa. Del Toro’s remark highlights the importance of human creativity and the unique qualities that artists bring to their work.

Del Toro also discusses animation, emphasizing that it is a medium rather than a genre. He appreciates the impact of animated films, including those created using computer animation techniques. To him, animation is a direct transmission of the animator’s personality onto the model, with stop-motion animation being particularly versatile. His growing interest in stop motion animation has driven him to explore projects in this field, such as his adaptation of Pinocchio for Netflix and an upcoming stop motion feature based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel, The Sleeping Giant.

Del Toro’s style, characterized by its dream-like quality, aligns well with the unique atmosphere that stop motion animation can evoke. As he continues his ventures into this realm, fans eagerly await further updates on his projects.


Q: What did Guillermo del Toro say about artificial intelligence?
A: Del Toro expressed his concern about “natural stupidity” rather than being worried about artificial intelligence. He considers AI to be just a tool.

Q: Does Guillermo del Toro believe that AI can create something original?
A: No, del Toro mocks the idea of AI creating original works by comparing it to printing the Mona Lisa and claiming authorship.

Q: What did del Toro say about animation?
A: Del Toro emphasizes that animation is a medium, not a genre. He appreciates the direct transmission of personality from animator to model and praises the versatility of stop-motion animation.

Q: What upcoming projects is del Toro working on related to animation?
A: Del Toro has created a stop motion adaptation of Pinocchio for Netflix and is developing a stop motion feature based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel, The Sleeping Giant.

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