New AI Advisory Council Seeks Diverse Expertise to Shape Future Policies

The government is embarking on a mission to assemble a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council, calling for qualified individuals across various sectors to contribute their expertise. Minister for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation, Dara Calleary, has issued an open invitation to academics, business professionals, legal experts, security analysts, social scientists, economists, and representatives from civil society. The council’s primary aim is to provide independent and expert advice to the government on the development of AI policies.

The council’s central focus will be twofold: instilling public trust in AI and promoting the growth of reliable, human-centric AI technologies. As the Government seeks to foster confidence in this field, a forthcoming progress report will outline key priorities for the upcoming year.

These priorities encompass three critical aspects. Firstly, there is a need to influence the regulation of AI both in Ireland and internationally, with a particular emphasis on guiding the development of the EU AI Act. Secondly, the council will support businesses, enterprises, and workers in the adoption of AI by offering guidance on upskilling, reskilling, and adapting to the changing landscape. This support will be facilitated through the establishment of an AI Innovation Hub. Thirdly, the council will finalize and implement essential principles and guidelines for the use of AI within the public sector. Furthermore, discussion will be held to determine additional support requirements for the AI sector and businesses embracing AI in Ireland.

In light of Ireland’s recognition as a small, open economy, Minister Calleary highlights the significance of staying up-to-date with global developments in the AI industry. As the EU AI Act enters its next stage of development, Ireland’s commitment to maintaining an ethical, human-centric approach serves as a foundation for active engagement at national and international levels. Establishing a robust governance framework to mitigate risks and ensure public trust in AI remains a top priority.

Q: Who is being sought to join the AI Advisory Council?
A: The government is calling for qualified individuals from academia, business, law, security, social sciences, economics, and civil society to join the AI Advisory Council.

Q: What will be the council’s main focus?
A: The council’s primary focus is to build public trust and promote the development of trustworthy, person-centred AI.

Q: What are the priorities outlined in the progress report?
A: The priorities include influencing the regulation of AI, supporting businesses and workers in AI adoption, finalizing guidelines for AI in the public sector, and considering additional support for the AI sector in Ireland.

Q: How does Ireland approach AI?
A: Ireland adopts a human-centred, ethical, and trust-based approach to AI to safeguard against risk and ensure public trust in AI technologies.

Q: How can the public participate in shaping AI policies?
A: Researchers at University College Cork and Lero are conducting an online survey to collect public opinions, concerns, and priorities regarding AI and software development.

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