Google Introduces New Article Summarization Tool with Enhanced Search Capabilities

Google, the leading technology giant, continues to innovate its search experience with the introduction of a brand-new feature: article summarization. With this tool, users will now have the ability to obtain concise summaries of articles, enhancing their search experience. Initially available on Android and iOS, Google plans to extend this feature to the Chrome desktop browser in the near future.

The new summarization tool complements the existing Search Generative Experience (SGE), which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. Users who have already enrolled in SGE will automatically have access to this exciting addition. Additionally, “SGE while browsing” is available as a standalone experiment in Search Labs, allowing users to explore its capabilities.

Rany Ng, Google’s Vice President of Product Management and Search, expressed delight in the positive feedback received since the introduction of SGE. As part of the continual improvement process, Ng highlighted the creation of an AI-generated list of key points covered within articles. This list includes relevant links to specific sections, allowing users to easily access the information they seek.

The new feature is expected to be particularly beneficial for learning complex subjects, researching topics, finding new recipes, or making informed purchasing decisions. However, it is important to note that the summarization tool will only be available for articles that are not behind paywalls. Publishers retain control over their content and can learn how to designate it as free or paywalled in Google’s Help Center.

To further enhance the search experience, Google is also testing a feature that enables users to preview definitions of specific words. In addition, users can even view related diagrams or images to gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic, simply by hovering over the word of interest.

Google’s commitment to advancing search capabilities showcases its dedication to empowering users with efficient access to valuable information. The new article summarization tool, along with the enhanced search features, promises to revolutionize the way users find and digest content. With these updates, Google continues to solidify its position as a leader in the realm of digital information retrieval.


1. How can I access the new article summarization tool?

The article summarization tool is being rolled out starting Tuesday on Android and iOS platforms. It will be available to users who have already opted into the Search Generative Experience. In the future, Google plans to bring this feature to the Chrome desktop browser as well.

2. Can I use the summarization tool for articles behind paywalls?

No, the summarization tool will only work for articles that are not paywalled. Publishers have control over designating their content as free or paywalled through Google’s Help Center.

3. Are there any other enhancements to the search experience being tested?

Yes, Google is also testing a feature that allows users to preview definitions of specific words by hovering over them. Additionally, related diagrams or images may be displayed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

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