Google Introduces AI-Powered ‘Proofread’ Feature in Gboard Keyboard

Google is making text composition easier and more accurate with the introduction of an AI-driven ‘Proofread’ feature in its Gboard keyboard. Available in the beta version 13.4 for Android users, this feature leverages generative AI to instantly check text for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

When activated, users receive a pop-up message explaining the proofreading process. The text is temporarily sent to Google’s servers for processing, where grammar and writing suggestions are generated. It’s important to note that the text being proofread is sent to Google during this process.

Located prominently in the keyboard’s toolbar, tapping the “Proofread” option initiates text analysis and delivers suggestions for corrections. Users can quickly apply the recommended changes by using the accompanying “Fix it” button.

This AI-powered enhancement aims to improve text accuracy and coherence while composing messages, emails, or any text-based content using Gboard. By providing real-time suggestions for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, users can avoid making mistakes and enhance their writing on the go.

In a related update, Google is also rebranding its Android logo, adopting a new stylization with a capital ‘A’ instead of using all lowercase letters. The design elements are being updated to align more closely with Google’s visual identity, creating a harmonious representation between the Android and Google logos.

These developments highlight Google’s commitment to enhancing user experiences on its Android platform, focusing on both aesthetics and functionality.


What is the Proofread feature in Gboard?

The Proofread feature in Gboard is an AI-driven tool that instantly checks text for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It provides real-time suggestions to improve the accuracy and coherence of text composition.

Is the text sent to Google’s servers for proofreading?

Yes, the text being proofread is temporarily sent to Google’s servers during the proofreading process. This allows Google to generate grammar and writing suggestions to enhance the quality of the composition.

How can users apply recommended corrections?

Users can apply recommended corrections by tapping the “Fix it” button that accompanies the suggestions. This allows for swift application of the suggested changes to improve the text’s accuracy and clarity.

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