New AI Frontier: FreedomGPT Unleashes Uncensored Chatbot Experience

FreedomGPT, the trailblazing platform for censor- and bias-free AI, has just taken its game to the next level. With over two million visitors, has become the go-to destination for individuals yearning for unfiltered, authentic AI experiences. And now, the creators of FreedomGPT have unveiled their latest innovation: a web version of their uncensored chatbot and an AI app store, opening up a world full of possibilities for users worldwide.

By eliminating the need for downloads or technical expertise, the FreedomGPT App Store has democratized access to the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. The flagship offering from FreedomGPT’s AI repository is their powerful uncensored LLM, Liberty. Unlike other AI models that often get entangled in post-processing bias, Liberty stands as an unadulterated source of information. Built on extensive training data, it consistently delivers accurate answers, making it the world’s most reliable uncensored LLM.

What sets FreedomGPT apart is its commitment to unfiltered and undistorted AI interactions. Liberty empowers users to ask any question, with the assurance of receiving unfiltered responses 100% of the time. The platform’s new web version provides seamless access to FreedomGPT’s uncensored AI capabilities on both mobile and desktop devices. Now, users can harness the power of FreedomGPT from their iPhones, Android smartphones, or computers without requiring a native app installation.

One of the most significant advantages of FreedomGPT’s web version is the ease with which users can tap into the latest AI models. Traditionally, accessing state-of-the-art AI software has been limited to top-tier engineers with high-end computers. However, FreedomGPT’s Web Version democratizes this process, allowing developers to easily make their AI creations available to a broader audience with a simple one-click setup.

As John Arrow, a General Partner of Age Of AI, LLC (the parent company behind FreedomGPT, LLC), proudly asserts, “In a world clouded by biases, we’re revolutionizing access and setting a new standard for AI interactions.” FreedomGPT welcomes journalists, researchers/developers, and AI enthusiasts to fully explore the capabilities of their Web Version and share their valuable insights.

Discover the true power of uncensored AI and break free from biases by visiting FreedomGPT’s website at For further inquiries, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is FreedomGPT?
– FreedomGPT is a platform that offers censor- and bias-free AI experiences. It provides a web version of its chatbot and an AI app store, giving users worldwide access to cutting-edge AI models without the need for downloads.

2. What is Liberty?
– Liberty is FreedomGPT’s flagship uncensored LLM (Language Model). It was designed to deliver accurate, unfiltered responses based on its training data, without post-processing bias. Liberty is considered the most powerful uncensored LLM in the world.

3. Can I use FreedomGPT on my mobile device?
– Yes! The newly launched FreedomGPT web version works seamlessly on both iPhone and Android devices, eliminating the need for a native app.

4. How does FreedomGPT’s Web Version make it easier to access AI models?
– FreedomGPT’s Web Version empowers developers to share their AI creations with one-click setup, making state-of-the-art AI software accessible to a broader audience.

5. How can I learn more and try FreedomGPT?
– To learn more about FreedomGPT and experience its uncensored AI capabilities, visit their website at or reach out to [email protected].

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