New AI Plans: Data Centers Every 100 km to Empower India’s Remote Areas

Semiconductor chips and artificial intelligence have become prominent in the tech world. Raja Koduri, former Intel chief architect and founder of Mihira AI, is at the forefront of both technologies. After leaving Intel, Koduri started Mihira AI, an artificial intelligence startup focused on revolutionizing visual effects in films and various other applications.

Koduri’s connection to the movie industry began before Mihira AI. As an investor and advisor in Makuta, a company that won the national award for visual effects in 2012, Koduri has a deep understanding of the potential of AI in this field. However, he believes that movies are not the sole focus for AI.

His ambitious vision involves bringing the benefits of AI to India’s remote areas. Koduri plans to establish data centers every 100 kilometers throughout the country. These data centers will serve as the backbone for developing AI-driven solutions without relying on Nvidia’s chips. Koduri believes that by building the best computing infrastructure in the world, India can become a leading technology hub.

While the cost of setting up numerous data centers may seem daunting, Koduri remains confident in their feasibility. With manufacturing capabilities in India, he believes that costs can be significantly reduced to a few billion dollars. Koduri emphasizes the need for clear goals and targets to drive technological advancements and creativity.

Attracting the best chip and AI engineers to India is another challenge, but Koduri believes that it’s not solely about the monetary aspect. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of a collective passion to build products in India. Creating a thriving ecosystem, similar to those in Silicon Valley or other tech powerhouses, will help attract and retain talent.

Koduri also addresses the issue of most chip design startups in India becoming service-oriented rather than focusing on intellectual property-based products. To overcome this, he stresses the need for fundamental IP development and understanding the end-users’ perspective.


Q: What is Mihira AI’s main objective?
A: Mihira AI aims to harness the power of AI to enable artists to create visual spectacles on an unprecedented scale.

Q: How does Raja Koduri plan to bring AI to India’s remote areas?
A: Koduri plans to establish data centers every 100 kilometers throughout India.

Q: Is it feasible to set up that many data centers in India?
A: Koduri believes that with manufacturing capabilities, costs can be significantly reduced and the project can be realized.

Q: How can India attract the best chip and AI engineers?
A: According to Koduri, a collective passion to build products from India, along with the development of a thriving ecosystem, will help attract top talent.

Q: What steps are needed to prevent chip design startups from becoming service-based companies in India?
A: Koduri suggests focusing on fundamental IP development and building products for end-users’ specific needs.

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