Fizyr Opens U.S. Headquarters to Meet Growing Demand for its Computer Vision Software

Fizyr, a provider of advanced computer vision for robots, has recently opened its U.S. headquarters to meet the surging demand for its software. The company is witnessing a boom in the need for automated depalletizing, trailer unloading, item picking, bin-to-bin pick and place, and detection solutions. As a result, Fizyr is expanding its North American operations to deliver increased reliability in these complex tasks.

To introduce its new team, cascade learning approach to machine learning, and near 100% success rates to current partners and potential integrators, Fizyr will embark on a multi-city U.S. roadshow in September. The roadshow will kick off in Las Vegas and aims to enhance the company’s global partner program. The team attending the roadshow will include Lomax, Fleming, and Tibor van Melsem Kocsis, the Chief Commerce Officer of Fizyr.

According to a recent report by Interact Analysis, the market for robotic picking is expected to reach a value of $6.8 billion by 2030, representing significant growth from $236 million in 2022. Fizyr recognizes this burgeoning demand and collaborates with top integrators to develop solutions that address unmet needs.

The U.S. team, much like its European counterpart, offers more than just advanced brain technology for robots. In addition to providing the most effective brain available in the market, Fizyr’s U.S. team offers pre-sales consulting and engineering, implementation services, technical support, training, account management, and other value-added services. These services ensure that integrators can offer their customers the most efficient and successful automation solutions.

Fizyr’s vision-based AI software is compatible with all major robotics systems, enabling robots to have superior perception, adaptability, learning capabilities, and performance. By partnering with top integrators, Fizyr is dedicated to empowering robotic and systems integrators with the best computer vision capabilities for logistics applications.

For more information about Fizyr or to request a meeting during the upcoming U.S. roadshow, please contact the company through their website.

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