Eseye Ranks #1 in eSIM Connectivity Provider Assessment

GUILDFORD, England, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Eseye, a leading provider of IoT connectivity solutions, has been recognized as the top eSIM Connectivity Provider by Kaleido Intelligence Vendor Hub. This marks the third consecutive year that Eseye has received the Champion status in Kaleido’s annual assessment, surpassing 25 other vendors in the eSIM Connectivity Solutions market.

Eseye’s eSIM Connectivity Solution, powered by advanced multi-IMSI and eUICC technology, offers seamless device connectivity worldwide. With access to over 700 mobile networks globally through its AnyNet Federation, Eseye can deliver reliable and optimized local and roaming solutions. This extensive coverage ensures near-100% connectivity uptime and addresses a major challenge faced by many businesses today.

The company’s Infinity Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) has also been recognized as a High Flyer in the industry. The Infinity CMP supports Eseye’s eSIM Connectivity Solution and further solidifies the company’s position as a market leader in providing top-notch IoT connectivity.

Through partnerships such as the recent agreement with South African mobile network operator MTN, Eseye continues to expand its reach and provide resilient IoT connectivity capabilities across Africa and beyond. This commitment to offering options and flexibility to customers sets Eseye apart in the IoT connectivity market.

Steffen Sorrell, Chief of Research at Kaleido Intelligence, praised Eseye’s eSIM Connectivity Solution for its industry-leading capabilities in connectivity resilience and optimization. The assessment considered various factors, including industry presence, product capabilities, and innovation roadmap.

Eseye is passionate about unlocking the full potential of IoT and providing simple, secure, and intelligent global connectivity. With their comprehensive range of IoT solutions and a focus on customer success, they enable businesses to drive value, deliver exceptional experiences, and thrive in the dynamic IoT landscape.


1. What is eSIM connectivity?
Eseye’s eSIM Connectivity Solution utilizes advanced multi-IMSI and eUICC technology to provide seamless device connectivity for IoT applications. It allows devices to switch between different mobile networks without physically changing SIM cards, offering greater flexibility and global coverage.

2. How does Eseye’s Infinity Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) support the eSIM Connectivity Solution?
Eseye’s Infinity CMP is a powerful platform that simplifies connectivity management for IoT devices. It enhances the eSIM Connectivity Solution by providing a single view to manage all devices, ensuring efficient connectivity management across the entire IoT estate.

3. How does Eseye ensure near-100% connectivity uptime?
With access to over 700 mobile networks worldwide, Eseye’s eSIM Connectivity Solution intelligently blends local and roaming solutions to deliver highly reliable device connectivity. This extensive network coverage minimizes downtime and ensures near-100% connectivity uptime.

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