Duet AI for Google Workspace: Empowering Productivity with AI Assistance

Duet AI, an artificial intelligence tool designed to enhance productivity within Google Workspace, has been officially launched. The announcement was made by Google at its annual conference, Google Cloud Next ’23. Duet AI, akin to Microsoft Copilot, is a generative AI assistant that operates across various Workspace applications, including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Chat.

With Duet AI, users can benefit from a range of capabilities such as generating copy, brainstorming ideas, summarizing text, extracting information from email conversations and calendar invites, and creating visual elements for presentations. It acts as a personal assistant, swiftly gathering relevant information from different work repositories. The initial focus was primarily on Gmail and Docs, but Google’s recent blog post highlights additional features, including Duet AI’s ability to summarize conversations in Google Meet.

In video conferences, Duet AI can provide real-time note-taking, identify action items, and even capture snippets of video for future reference. Alternatively, users can choose to delegate their presence entirely, as Duet AI can attend the meeting on their behalf and deliver their message.

While the technology behind Duet AI is remarkable, questions have been raised about data privacy. Google addressed these concerns in a blog post, assuring users that their data is secure. Interactions with Duet AI are considered private and confidential, with Google explicitly stating that user data will not be utilized to train its models without explicit permission.

Duet AI is now available for a free trial to Google Workspace customers, accommodating up to 10 users for a duration of 14 days. Pricing details for the service will be disclosed later this week.


Q: What is Duet AI?
A: Duet AI is an AI assistant developed by Google for Google Workspace, providing generative AI capabilities to enhance productivity.

Q: Which Google Workspace applications does Duet AI support?
A: Duet AI works across Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Chat.

Q: What tasks can Duet AI assist with?
A: Duet AI can generate copy, brainstorm ideas, summarize text, extract information from emails and calendar invites, and create visual elements for presentations.

Q: Can Duet AI attend meetings on behalf of users?
A: Yes, Duet AI can join video conferences and deliver messages on the user’s behalf.

Q: Is there any concern about data privacy with Duet AI?
A: Google has addressed data privacy concerns and stated that interactions with Duet AI are private and confidential, with user data not being used to train models without their explicit permission.

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