Dreamforce 2023: Salesforce Champions Trustworthy AI Amid Growing Concerns

Amidst the excitement and gridlocked streets near San Francisco’s Moscone Center, the annual Dreamforce conference by Salesforce is making waves with a clear message: trust in artificial intelligence (AI). With a rock overhang boasting the slogan “In Trust We AI” and CEO Marc Benioff emphasizing the importance of AI in his keynote address, Salesforce seeks to position itself as the bridge to solving the “AI trust gap.”

However, Benioff not only highlights the potential of AI but also raises concerns about its current trajectory. He criticizes large language models for using stolen data from the internet and warns that they may eventually seek corporate data. Benioff refers to the misleading answers generated by AI models as “hallucinations” and emphasizes the need for accuracy and verifiability.

To address these concerns, Salesforce has established key principles for trustworthy AI. The company promotes the idea that user data is not their product and prioritizes accurate results. Salesforce has even appointed a chief trust officer and a chief ethical and humane use officer to ensure responsible AI practices.

Beyond announcements and technology showcases, Dreamforce brings together diverse voices to discuss the future of AI. From discussions on personalized customer experiences and the power of self-service to philanthropic initiatives like donating $11 million to Oakland and San Francisco public schools for AI education, the conference encompasses a range of perspectives.

As the AI revolution unfolds, Salesforce aims to protect users from potential negative outcomes, ensuring AI is a driving force for productivity rather than a source of misinformation or toxicity. Benioff’s overarching message is clear: companies with concerns about AI can trust Salesforce to navigate these challenges and keep technology moving in the right direction.


Q: What is Dreamforce?

A: Dreamforce is an annual conference organized by Salesforce, focusing on cloud software and technology innovation.

Q: What is the “AI trust gap” mentioned by Salesforce?

A: The “AI trust gap” refers to the concerns and challenges surrounding the trustworthiness and responsible use of artificial intelligence.

Q: How is Salesforce addressing the AI trust gap?

A: Salesforce is addressing the AI trust gap by prioritizing accuracy, verifiability, and ethical practices in AI. The company has established principles, appointed key officers, and emphasized the responsible use of user data.

Q: What philanthropic initiatives has Salesforce undertaken?

A: Salesforce has donated $11 million to Oakland and San Francisco public schools to support AI education. Over its history, the company has donated around $230 million for public education and workforce development.

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