New Mineral Resource Estimate Revealed for Copper Fox’s Eaglehead Project in British Columbia

Calgary, Alberta– Copper Fox Metals Inc. has shared an updated mineral resource estimate (MRE) for its Eaglehead copper-gold-molybdenum-silver porphyry copper project in northwestern British Columbia. The new MRE, prepared by Moose Mountain Technical Services (MMTS), demonstrates a significant increase in project resources compared to previous estimates.

The president and CEO of Copper Fox, Elmer B. Stewart, expressed excitement about the milestone, as this is the first time an indicated mineral resource has been reported for the Eaglehead project. The updated estimate was the result of comprehensive geological modeling and compilation efforts over the past year.

The MRE indicates that the current mineral resource represents the upper level of a potentially much larger, open-ended porphyry copper deposit. The zones of porphyry-style mineralization are open at depth and along strike, presenting the possibility of expanding the project’s resource base.

Copper Fox plans to evaluate the MRE and use the results to develop a program for further testing the resource potential of the project. This signifies a promising future for Copper Fox as it continues to unlock the full potential of the Eaglehead project.


What is a mineral resource estimate?
A mineral resource estimate is a calculation that determines the quantity and grade of valuable minerals in a deposit. It provides insights into the potential economic viability of a mining project.

What is a porphyry copper deposit?
A porphyry copper deposit is a type of copper ore deposit formed in magmatic systems where molten rock (magma) cools and solidifies. These deposits often contain multiple metals, including copper, gold, molybdenum, and silver.

What does open-ended mean in the context of mineralization?
When a mineralized zone is described as open-ended, it means that the mineralization extends beyond the limits of the current resource estimate and has the potential for further expansion with additional exploration and drilling.

– Copper Fox Metals Inc. –

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