Innovative Solution for Converting Basic to Dynamic Partitions in Windows Server 2022

Are you encountering a security error while attempting to convert a basic partition to a dynamic one in Windows Server 2022? You’re not alone! Many users have faced this issue, particularly when using SSD drives in RAID1 configuration on the OS level. While our servers equipped with HDDs sailed through the installation process smoothly, the SSD drives seem to present a unique challenge.

Numerous attempts have been made to resolve this problem, ranging from trying different drive firmwares to adjusting sector sizes and capacities. Despite the efforts of three technicians, the error persists. Experts have explored various approaches, including installing the system on one drive and mirroring it to the other, converting the drives to dynamic prior to OS installation, and reformatting the drives. Unfortunately, these methods have proven ineffective, as Windows continues to raise concerns about converting the System partition.

While some users have reported success after swapping out the drives entirely, this solution is far from ideal. Now, the question arises: is this issue rooted in an operating system bug, such as drive lock during installation (possibly related to a mounted Windows ISO problem)? Alternatively, could there be an inherent flaw in the drives themselves?


Q: Why am I encountering a security error when converting a basic partition to dynamic in Windows Server 2022?
A: This error is commonly experienced when using SSD drives in RAID1 configuration on the OS level. It is an issue that has stumped many technicians and users alike.

Q: Have any solutions been found for this problem?
A: Despite extensive troubleshooting efforts, no definitive solution has emerged. Some users have reported temporary success by replacing the drives altogether, but this is not a sustainable or ideal fix.

Q: What might be causing this issue?
A: The root cause could be a bug within the operating system, potentially related to the installation process or an issue specific to the drives themselves. Further investigation is required to determine the exact cause.

As we delve deeper into this problem, we urge the Windows Server community to share their experiences and insights. By joining forces, we may uncover an innovative solution that will enable us to achieve the desired state of converting basic partitions to dynamic in Windows Server 2022 with SSD drives flawlessly. Together, we can surmount this challenge and pave the way for smoother server installations in the future.

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