Diving into the World of AI in Contact Centers: A Conversation with Brett Weigl of Genesys

Welcome to No Jitter’s ongoing series, Conversations in Collaboration. Our latest interview is with Brett Weigl, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital, AI, and Journey Analytics at Genesys. In this enlightening discussion, Weigl shares insights into how Genesys has been utilizing AI within the contact center space.

Genesys Cloud CX is Genesys’ native, born-in-the-cloud platform that has gained traction since its launch in 2016/17. With over 5,000 customers, many of whom are leveraging AI features, Genesys has been focused on offering a hybrid approach to AI implementation.

Weigl explains that Genesys provides native feature sets through their microservices architecture, allowing for the development of services tailored to specific use cases. However, Genesys also embraces a “bring your own set of options” approach, collaborating with independent software vendors (ISVs) to integrate their specialized solutions.

While third-party bots have been popular, Genesys has seen increased adoption of their native chatbot and voicebot functionalities. Clients have the flexibility to choose between integrating their existing bots or utilizing Genesys’ native solutions.

Genesys’ AI portfolio encompasses various capabilities, including predictive routing and conversational AI. The latter includes voice and chatbots for self-service, agent assistive technologies, and conversational intelligence derived from analyzing audio and transcripts.

In recent years, Genesys has been delving into generative AI models, leveraging foundational models from companies like Facebook and Google. Weigl explains that these models undergo extensive training, but Genesys fine-tunes them on their own platform, allowing for further personalization and customization to meet customer needs.

Fine-tuning involves refining inputs and outputs, either through contracting with the foundational model provider or giving customers the ability to tune the AI for their specific intents and use cases. This approach ensures that the AI solutions are continuously adapted and optimized.

Genesys is committed to driving innovation in AI for contact centers, delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. With their native platform and integration capabilities, Genesys aims to provide organizations with the flexibility to tailor AI to their unique requirements.


  1. What is Genesys Cloud CX?

    Genesys Cloud CX is Genesys’ native, born-in-the-cloud platform that offers a wide range of customer experience and AI solutions for contact centers.

  2. How does Genesys utilize AI?

    Genesys leverages AI in various ways, including predictive routing, conversational AI, and integrating third-party and native chatbot and voicebot functionalities.

  3. What is fine-tuning in AI?

    Fine-tuning involves refining the inputs and outputs of a foundational AI model to meet specific requirements and use cases. Genesys achieves this by running the foundational model on their platform and personalizing it further.

  4. How does Genesys support customization?

    Genesys offers a hybrid approach to AI implementation, allowing organizations to integrate their existing AI solutions or utilize Genesys’ native feature sets. This ensures customization and flexibility for customers.

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