Creating Interactive and Engaging Pages with Collapsible Markdown

Welcome to our new series, Technically Speaking, where we explore the latest technical trends and share insights to enhance your coding skills and creative projects. In today’s episode, we’ll dive into the world of collapsible markdown sections on both GitHub and Beacons AI.

Collapsible markdown sections offer a unique way to make your pages interactive and engaging. By hiding content until it’s needed, you can declutter your pages and provide users with a more focused reading experience. Let’s explore how to implement this technique on different platforms.

Beacons AI: The About Me Section

Our journey begins with Beacons AI’s ‘About Me’ section, where markdown formatting is prevalent. By utilizing collapsible markdown, you can create an organized and visually appealing profile. Take a look at the markdown code used to achieve this effect. (View how it renders on my Beacons AI page.)

GitHub: README Section

Next, let’s move on to GitHub’s README section. By integrating collapsible markdown, you can improve the readability of your project documentation. Here’s a snippet of code demonstrating how collapsible markdown can be applied in this context. (Check out my GitHub profile to see the rendering in action.)

While it’s important to note that not all markdown features translate seamlessly between platforms, collapsible markdown is a powerful tool that adds interactivity to your content.

Thank you for joining us on this episode of Technically Speaking. We encourage you to experiment with collapsible markdown on your pages and share your experiences with us. Stay tuned for more technical insights and coding tips in our upcoming articles!


Q: What is collapsible markdown?
A: Collapsible markdown is a technique that allows you to hide and reveal content on your web page, providing a more interactive and organized reading experience.

Q: How can I use collapsible markdown on GitHub and Beacons AI?
A: On Beacons AI, you can utilize collapsible markdown in the ‘About Me’ section to create an organized and visually appealing profile. On GitHub, you can integrate collapsible markdown in your README section to improve the readability of your project documentation.

Q: Does collapsible markdown work the same way on all platforms?
A: Not all markdown features translate seamlessly between platforms. Some elements may render differently on GitHub compared to Beacons AI, so it’s important to preview and test your markdown code on each platform.

– Information on collapsible markdown techniques: [URL]
– GitHub documentation on markdown formatting: [URL]
– Beacons AI support documentation: [URL]

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